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New York steak, annoyingly small toothbrush covers, laundry tokens, and mousetraps

After I went to Boston Pizza for some New York steak / veggies / mashed potatoes, I went to London Drugs to get GUM toothbrush covers / two GUM medium toothbrushes / Orangina. 132 more words

Phone Calls

The Greater Good

Shirts, ties, skirts, black shoes, our formal office attire,

On approach, my cheeks flush, heart skip, dry throat,

We’re at work, behaviour, also follows the dress code. 205 more words

Biblical Allusions to Mountains in Literature

The importance of mountains in the Bible is without a doubt very large. The mountain that is most important in the Bible is Mount Sinai where Moses received from God the Ten Commandments. 315 more words

Muskogee County Township Map

Muskogee County Township Map

via Muskogee County Township Map.

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This map is also hosted on the site which has a rather lenghty biography about Mrs. 59 more words

Family Surnames

Common Core Curriculum Explained by 2013 Florence-Carlton Trustee Candidate Bill Hester

Common Core Curriculum Explained by Florence-Carlton Trustee Candidate Bill Hester

April 30, 2013

The Scent of Danger Some of you have seen a bronze statue with that title. 698 more words


Devin Hester Agrees To 3-Year Deal With Falcons

Devin Hester has reportedly agreed to a 3-year deal with the Atlanta Falcons. Blah blah blah blah blah. Save the money you’re about to dump into a brand new stadium and build me a time machine. 99 more words