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Planet Choccy

Our afternoon was chocolate crazy! We found out that we had to use scientific words like igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary. We had to observe and draw the rock samples (chocolate!) and decide what type of rock they were.   47 more words

Forgiveness for Being Human

I think Hester is just behaving as a human and her errors should be forgiven. She was married to Chillingworth, who was much older than her, and she never got to see him. 198 more words

Man's Struggle

The amazing Egyptian gallery

These amazing Egyptian amulets have been preserved in the museum. They were found tucked inside the mummy’s bandages.

These lucky charms were used to bring good luck to the dead in the Afterlife. 55 more words

Change of life

paper petals
ochre dust
yesterday’s tokens
faded troth
but troth still:
change is not
promise broken

stems crack
leaves crumble
into tingly wind –
Puritan greys… 41 more words



Fy flate for en veldig fin raphelg så langt. Selv om det bare er lørdag.

Helgen begynte med en ny FREDagslåt fra Kvamkollektive og Han derre LINNIEN. 160 more words

Harboring Secrets

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Motivated by love and loyalty, Hester keeps a painful secret.
•What kinds of secrets should you keep? 36 more words

The Scarlet Letter

Public Punishment

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Hester goes to jail for an action that, in our society, usually would remain private.

•What kinds of wrongdoing do you think should be punished publicly? 16 more words

The Scarlet Letter