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Trauma Meets Gender Theory: Waking the Walking Dead

Trauma has made me a stranger in my own land. Last year a certain series of events comprises, hands down, the worst period of my life. 1,780 more words


**Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault**

Take a look at this article, which was published in the Guardian online comment section.

I personally think it’s a great discussion to encourage, especially when it comes to correcting sexist, misogynistic ignorance, however I had something to add (which I did in fact add as a comment) which aimed to draw attention to the ignorance still being unacknowledged. 263 more words


Dear One Direction,

I write this knowing that you won’t read it, but hoping that you will, or that you already know what I am about to say. Something needs to change, and oh do I hope that it is changing. 191 more words


Finding Friends for My Daughter Stresses Me Out - Now More Than Ever

We walk into the playground and Eldest runs to put her stuff down so that she can go play. As I stroll in, I hear her ask her younger sister, “Wanna go make a new friend?” She gets an affirmative and they are off to the races, her sister only daring to follow. 515 more words


heteronormative is not normal

I attended a weekend training lead by a delightful man who happens to be gay. I had not met this man in person until I got to the workshop venue (right on the ocean . 1,275 more words

It's Vulva, not Vagina

In the annals of Things that Annoy me as a Woman, Feminist, Pagan, and just plain Human-

Odd example, but bear with me:

In an episode of a TV show I watch, that takes place at a fictional law firm, there was a public sculpture, after being unveiled, the city who commissioned the sculpture refused to pay the artist, saying it “violated community standards”. 331 more words


What's Sex Got to do with... Awkward

MTV’s relatively new TV show, Awkward, aims at educating and talking to teens about sex in a realistic and relatable way. Awkward producer, Lauren Lungerich created this show based on her drama filled hometown of Palos Verdes, California, which, coincidentally, is where I am from. 328 more words