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My life in social media

I apologize for the potentially bad grammar, typos, and the like that are sure to follow. I have been super busy between my various organizations, a summer working 2 jobs, school (which is especially and absolutely wonderfully queer this year), officer positions, settling into a new place, and being student athlete on top of just taking some time for myself every once in a while and the gloriousness of sleeping to write anything for awhile. 605 more words

Call for Papers - Association of American Geographers 2015 Conference - Chicago (USA) 21-25 April

2015 Annual Meeting

Association of American Geographers (AAG) Chicago, April 21-25, 2015


Special Session – Call for Papers

(De)Sexualisation & (De)Pornification of Space: Spatialisation, Politicisation and Regulation of Sex, Sexuality, Sex Work & Pornography… 1,134 more words


Recommended Reading: The Last Conception

Gabriel Constans. The Last Conception. Melange Books, LLC. White Bear Lake, Minnesota. 2014.


To my mother. To my wife. To my husband. Authors commonly dedicate their books this way. 472 more words


Fluidity of Attraction

There is no set standard of attraction. Of course we are brought up in a heteronormative mindset that pretty much dictates us our entire lives, but at some point there has to be a change where we move away from that. 190 more words


True Blood: And They All Lived Heteronormatively Ever After

Sookie Stackhouse has been officially dethroned as the lead in her own show. That’s been clear to anyone watching for quite a while, but last night we saw that, forever after, this was the story of Bill Compton’s return to humanity. 1,117 more words

True Blood

Soon we will have to say we are not mother and daughter.

Our world is very heteronormative. It is not the world’s fault.

Heterosexuality IS the norm, and a spin off of such heterosexuality is parenthood.

However, what this means is that people do not think outside of the box of heterosexual parenthood. 523 more words

Nine West and the Great Occasion

I know you’re thinking “Katherine, I don’t care about your shoes.” Follow #shoeoccasions and you’ll understand. @NineWest

— Katherine Garcia (@katherineanngar) August 5, 2014

As I was getting ready for work this morning, I found a tweet from my bff 

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