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You Can't be a Bottom and be a Minister

I guess I take the idea of shock value just a little far, huh?

Actually, I don’t think so at all. I found myself uttering this phrase during a conversation a few days ago with a group of friends. 912 more words


Do you want to know? An Easter Present.

Note: I know it has been forever, so for Easter I am giving all of you a special present, a full-length story in one post. This one is a mystery. 6,041 more words


‘Bi Bi Baby’ or ‘Being Bisexual in the Modern World’

I find it strange that my Trans status is perceived as a bigger part of my identity than my sexuality. After all, if someone is gay or lesbian, then that is usually the first thing that people associate them with. 990 more words

Comedy Nights with Kapil - the laughing face of North Indian gender discrimination

The things we find funny or laugh at, often tell us more about who we are, then anything else. Watching TV while sitting with the family (parents, siblings et al) is not something I get to do very often. 758 more words

You're Not Normal, You Must Be Gay

N.B. call me what you will, I have lost the will to live trying to label my sexuality. ‘Eccentric’ is the term I would use. 893 more words


Uganda's overtly homophobic and hetero-normative propaganda.

I was so sadden by this video. Not only is Uganda’s newly legislated Anti-Homosexuality Act an attack on the safe guards of humanistic rights, but it is also an attack on the minds of that country’s youth. 66 more words

Heterosexual Assumptive Mindset May Hinder Healthcare for LGBTs

In her HealthLeaders Media post, Alexandra Wilson Pecci examins how the assumptions of heterosexuality may lead to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) men and women not being forthcoming with their healthcare providers. 225 more words