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FOUND: A Guy Who Doesn't Like Sports

By Cazey Williams

According to my Facebook newsfeed, a football game happened Sunday , and somebody lost. It was either the Packers or the Cowboys, or maybe both? 768 more words

Life Lessons

Reminders 2

It’s hard on him. You want to help. Of course you do. You love him.

But here’s my question: What about you?

How does it feel when he pushes you away? 220 more words

Writing Exercise

What's Wrong with Gay PDA?

I like to think I’m not homophobic at all. I consider myself an ally. I support gay marriage and dislike discrimination. I don’t just think these things, I vote that way. 701 more words

Onely Commits Amatonormativity Twice In One Conversation

For a blog that for years has been waving its bloggy arms and screaming about how our world is largely set up for couples, especially hetero couples, and about how they are privileged at the expense of other kinds of loves and families (this is what we mean by amatonormativity, sometimes also called heteronormativity), we at Onely sometimes screw up and act just as badly as the people, governments, and organizations we critique. 597 more words

Single And Happy

Relapse 2

One of you told me that you were with me because I was the perfect little wife. I knew it was intended to be a confusing mix of insult and compliment. 305 more words

Writing Exercise