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Relapse 2

One of you told me that you were with me because I was the perfect little wife. I knew it was intended to be a confusing mix of insult and compliment. 305 more words

Writing Exercise

Trauma Meets Gender Theory: Waking the Walking Dead

Trauma has made me a stranger in my own land. Last year a certain series of events comprises, hands down, the worst period of my life. 1,771 more words


What's Sex Got to do With... Christmas Music?

I love the holidays. I start listening to Christmas music promptly on November 1st, simply because I want the snowy, cheerful season to last for as long as possible. 575 more words


**Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault**

Take a look at this article, which was published in the Guardian online comment section.

I personally think it’s a great discussion to encourage, especially when it comes to correcting sexist, misogynistic ignorance, however I had something to add (which I did in fact add as a comment) which aimed to draw attention to the ignorance still being unacknowledged. 263 more words


Dear One Direction,

I write this knowing that you won’t read it, but hoping that you will, or that you already know what I am about to say. Something needs to change, and oh do I hope that it is changing. 191 more words


Finding Friends for My Daughter Stresses Me Out - Now More Than Ever

We walk into the playground and Eldest runs to put her stuff down so that she can go play. As I stroll in, I hear her ask her younger sister, “Wanna go make a new friend?” She gets an affirmative and they are off to the races, her sister only daring to follow. 515 more words