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Lesbianism as a Choice

Reading A Simple Revolution I became enthralled with Grahn’s exploration and self-actualizatioin of her sexuality. Her, and those others she encountered broke free of their chains oppressors had wrapped them in to face brutality and punishment. 204 more words


Alphabet Soup: LGBT and don't forget the Q

The thing about sexuality is that it demands to be recognized, and surprises you with blushing cheeks and tingly genitals whether you try to ignore it or not. 656 more words



After seeing a particularly intriguing snippet of the TV show ‘The Fosters,’ which illustrated a twelve year-old boy’s plight at having an open crush on another twelve year-old boy, I was instantly struck at how odd the scene was to me. 1,149 more words


The miracle of marriage

Marriage is miraculous. I’m not surprised by divorce, domestic violence, the decline of marriage in the Western world, I’m surprised that anybody manages to stay married at all. 787 more words

The Boy Without A Name

The boy without a name, the central character in Lockpick Pornography, seems lost without a real sense of direction. Blindly raging against gender, and sexuality norms yet constantly questioning the validity of his assertions.  167 more words


Worst Lesbian Date Movie Ever

Not long ago my girlfriend and I went out to the movies together for a first date. We’d been seeing each other for a little while, but hadn’t had an “official” outing together, and a movie seemed liked a sweet pick. 1,086 more words


My Dearest Bros, please heed the advice that follows

Dear Bros:
Hear me ye faded polo wearing, cargo-shorted, be-flip-flopped half-wits. Your entire culture is, to me, a sign that the human race is evolving backwards. 1,444 more words