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Women, Economy, and Sex Work


Since the 50’s women have become more of a sexualized object, and sometimes even been seen as a “piece of meat”. Now what does the sex work industry do for that stereotype? 865 more words


Polyamorous Relationships: One Size Does Not Fit All

In our heteronormative society, monogamy is most frequently seen as the only correct type of relationship to be in. Our family and friends as well as childhood movies and television teach us that we should aspire to have an exclusive relationship with someone of the opposite sex that will end in a marriage, and ultimately, happily ever after. 876 more words


The Fear and The Yearning, or How to Err Like a Human.

I’m pretty drunk after a month of sobriety. I’d say I’m not sure why but I know exactly why: heartbreak hurts even if it’s a little one, outside of the realm of correct emotion. 421 more words

Can your hair be lesbian?

I overheard a curious conversation today. 2 girls were talking about haircuts, a subject I clearly love to hear about. One said she was trying to grow hers, she’d had a pixie cut fairly recently and she had to get rid of it. 687 more words


The hetero-cis-normative closet

In conversation, when my partner comes up, I have the distinctly awkward situation of trying not to use any gender pronouns at all. This is because he is not out yet, and using she seems really weird for me. 1,060 more words


You're so Queer

I begin my blog with my definition of the word queer.  Why? because queer is not just “some word,” it’s a word that has depth, a word that cannot just be derogatory, but empowering.   181 more words