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Nurture vs. Nature

Do you ever read something or hear something that really, really bothers you? To the point where you’ll think about it once every other day for weeks? 725 more words


Alphabet Soup: LGBT and don't forget the Q

The thing about sexuality is that it demands to be recognized, and surprises you with blushing cheeks and tingly genitals whether you try to ignore it or not. 656 more words

Q Is For Queer


After seeing a particularly intriguing snippet of the TV show ‘The Fosters,’ which illustrated a twelve year-old boy’s plight at having an open crush on another twelve year-old boy, I was instantly struck at how odd the scene was to me. 1,149 more words


A butch abroad

I just returned from a three week holiday in Scotland. My girl and I traveled around in a little camper van. Scotland is the perfect country for camping wild, since it’s allowed almost anywhere and public toilets are cleaner then they are at my house. 841 more words


The End of an Era

I received, this morning, a final email from Robert Stacy McCain.


What Christian Apparently Means

Here we go again, guys! The previous post (with the links to all other involved posts) can be found here

The post which I am replying to can be found… 2,224 more words


An Email Exchange With Robert McCain

A bit ago, I sent an email to the author of this post.

“Hiya. I wrote a response to your post. I would appreciate you reading it and offering further thoughts. 779 more words