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Stop Arguing Against Queerness

Remember when people were arguing whether Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street were gay or straight? Or whatever?

I remember a lot of (straight) people were trying to argue that it would be better for them to be straight men who were just intimate in their friendship. 433 more words

Last Of Us

Part 2: Supporting LGBTQ Youth by Working Against Heteronormativity

In a previous blog post, I described the devastating effects homophobia can have on LGBTQ youth and how we can fight those forces. But I also wrote about the harmful effects of heteronormativity—the subtler expectation that people are straight, and that certain gendered ways of being are normal, ideal. 1,649 more words


Lesbophobia in the workplace


My manager recently said to me, in reply to my enquiry as to whether I am allowed to wear a skirt at work, that he couldn’t imagine me or my bisexual colleague in a skirt. 148 more words

Adventures in Radio Ads

me: *listening to the radio*

radio: *plays an ad in which someone speaks in a very breathy voice*

me: *thinks the voice sounds vaguely sexual, but assumes it’s just a gimmick for selling sandwiches or something* 60 more words

Asexuality Talk

Episode 4 Heteronormativity

New video discussing how to overcome and deal with heteronormativity. Enjoy!


Another Crossroads

As a part of my freelance writing gig, I sometimes like to do performance reviews. 

I went to see a show tonight, but I wish I would have done something else instead. 642 more words

Earworms for the unaffiliated

I was browsing in a health food store the other day when I heard a lazy-sounding trumpet coming out of the store speakers. Then a sultry woman’s voice: 555 more words