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Some Relationships Should Never Die: A Feminist Critique of the Female Relationships in Twilight

“This project examines how the Twilight series continues to depict women in a light that subordinates and marginalizes them, and proposes how displaying Bella, Rosalie, and Alice in a communal and empowered light will help to diminish gendered stereotypes.” 434 more words

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Faking It—It's Complicated

“While MTV’s Faking It pushes heteronormative boundaries by including queer characters in prominent positions and depicting these characters exploring their queer identities in complex ways, it ultimately privileges heterosexual relationships, continuing to marginalize its queer characters. 435 more words

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The Trope of the Pitiful Homosexual

Some allies and even gay rights activists perpetuate the trope of the pitiful homosexual, which is the idea that gay people are sufferers of the natural misfortune of being gay. 121 more words


The Gay Asian Men Living a Lie

It’s good that the BBC is covering this, but I note the general shortage of coverage of lesbians being pressured or forced to marry. It must be worse for them, for various reasons to do with sex roles. 7 more words


Microaggression 2: That Whole Lesbian Thing

(For background, see Three Microaggressions, or, What I Wish I Said.)

The Scenario:
I’m at the gynecologist’s office, the summer after embarking on my first ever same-sex relationship. 313 more words


Making assumptions about different-sex interactions

I read a blog post in which a woman described meeting a man on a plane and getting a glimpse into his fascinating life. She also spoke well of his looks, not in an “I was attracted to him” way, but in a way you might talk about admiring anything beautiful. 714 more words


Post the Hundred-and-Twenty-Fifth: Gender Expression and Friendship

I discuss sexuality and gender expression pretty frequently here, Gentle Reader, because they’re subjects close to my heart. When I came out at 16, I became absurdly feminine – I was campy, I was funny: I made myself into a caricature, a clown, because that’s what the gay role models at the time… 568 more words