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Queers against climate change?

Took the 8yr old daughter to a protest against climate change today.  I love doing things like that with her which broaden her horizons a bit more than school and the usual day to day.   297 more words

Chalky Definitions: Heteronormativity

“A cultural belief system, practices, and institutions that legitimize and privilege heterosexuality, heterosexual relationships, and traditional gender roles. It assumes these to be fundamental, “natural” and “normal” within society.” – CWM

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Porn and Intimacy

Psychology today has put up this article: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/tech-support/201407/what-porn-does-intimacy

Except for the fact that this article thinks that everyone in the world is heterosexual and in a committed relationship which revolves around some future happiness, and doesn’t take into account the fact that people get pleasure from orgasms (like most online articles) it has so much ridiculous dogma in it. 226 more words

Am I gay, or just really bad at being straight?

I was in the closet to my parents for a long time. Mainly because what I am isn’t something they talk about in sex ed. Even in my college level psychology book, there are only three sexual orientations. 298 more words

Like a Wheel Within a Wheel: The Kyriarchy Economy

Kyriarchy is a way of understanding the interwoven systems of oppression and hierarchy – those of patriarchy, classism, heteropatriarchy, white supremacy, and ableism. It is one – albeit shortened – way to understand how solidarity can happen under such varied and disparate circumstances among people who are not supposed to… 1,009 more words


Anonymous Story #1

TW: alcoholism, drug use, hate crime

Hi Taylor- A bit about my story- let’s keep it anonymous, even though people who know me will be able to piece together my identity. 550 more words

In Sickness and in Wealth: The Politicization and Polarization of French Homosexuality

Richard Karl Deang

The cultural history of homosexuality in contemporary France is characterized by three overlapping phases of politicization. The first two of these phases–the celebration of the Genetian pariah of the postwar years and the gay liberation movement of the 1970s–are represented by the voices of the two protagonists of Dominique Fernandez’s… 216 more words