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The Asexual Challenge to Homonormativity

We talk a lot about heteronormativity, and its policing of non-normative experiences. Heteronormativity creates a hierarchy of important and valued relationships, the pinnacle of which is the male/female sexual union: however, this has recently been challenged by movements such as marriage equality. 605 more words

Gender, societal perception and hetero-normativity 1

How does gender and the societal perpetuation of hetreo-normativity, impact an individual’s behaviour, health care seeking and health care attainment.

Today’s seminar brought about great discussions and a lot of differences in opinions. 311 more words


Gender, societal perception and hetero-normativity

How does gender and the societal perception of hetro-normalitivity impact on individual behaviour health care seeking and healthcare attainment?

Societal perception of hetro-normalitivity impacts on individual behaviour health care seeking and healthcare attainment. 194 more words


Categorization-> Separation-> Stigmatization

From a young age, we are taught to separate things into categories.  A dog is not a color.  A flower is not an animal.  A tree is not human.  595 more words


Heteronormativity Doesn't Have a Place in my Parenting

“It’s like you’re hoping he will be gay or something, don’t force that on him.” That’s an actual quote that someone said to me about my son recently. 604 more words


Genderless and asexual: two interconnected identities

This post is for the January 2015 Carnival of Aces, which is on Nonbinary People and Asexuality. Yesterday I wrote a sort of disclaimer about whether or not I actually “count” as non-binary, which can be read… 875 more words


Health inequalities 10

How does one’s socio-economic circumstances – relative wealth, education, social networks – impact on one’s health throughout their life-course from pre-birth to end of life? 907 more words