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About Time (2014)

Stories about time traveling tend to concern the existential. Problems of life, love, death, wealth, and the sort; most of all, however, they tend to emphasize the Angst which lie within decision making. 494 more words

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a most empowering thing

At my best I believe I am made out of emotions
And I think my best is reshaping myself, creating my own self
reworking my truths and beliefs with my own emotions. 294 more words

My Deepest Thoughts

What's Sex got to do with........Kevin Gates??

“Ho told me the other she sent a nigga to jail. I thought it was legal to beat your hoe.” These are the opening lines to Kevin Gates hit single ‘ 340 more words


Gender Studies Journal: Queer Theory

Queer theory seems to me to be an exciting and emerging field of study, but I have to admit it’s still not something I know a whole lot about, and the subjects it breaches can be highly complex. 287 more words

Chicken Soup for the... Vagina?

I’ve had two women family members, just in the last week, separately offer to take me to Victorias Secret sometime before my surgery because “I deserve to treat/feel good about myself”. 43 more words