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On recognizing white privilege and not expecting a damn reward for it

I saw this clip recently when one of my friends posted it and asked if Tim Wise was making a good case for himself or demonstrating his unchecked privilege/acting in a micro-aggressive way. 723 more words

It's okay to be female (biologically or otherwise) and not want to be a mom!

I spent about five years of my life being convinced I didn’t want to have children/be a mom. I have a younger sister and I have always liked caring for and spending time with children. 132 more words

Being "Nice" And Complacency Doctrine

I used to have a real bad temper. I rarely hurt other people, at least in my adult life, but you would not want to be a wall, chair or end table around me when my ire was raised. 730 more words


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I’m often asked or attacked about my low views on non-affirming theology. Usually the arguments go somewhat like this, “You’re not respecting other people’s views!” or “You don’t tolerate debate, you just say get with the program!” or “You’re not being inclusive of… 1,631 more words


Frozen was recently named the top-grossing animated film of all time. It has sold big, lived big, and nearly every person on Planet Earth has seen the damn film. 398 more words


Who Needs Bedside Manner?

When I came down with a fever a few weeks ago and just couldn’t shake the sinus congestion that followed, I headed to the doctor I just recently started seeing. 677 more words


I want my equal (pay)day

Tomorrow is my payday. And yesterday was equal payday in the US. So tomorrow I’ll be getting the check for my underpaid work.

Don’t get me wrong. 835 more words