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Gems in the Torah - for Charlotte Pride

Gems in the Torah, by Rabbi Jonathan Freirich

Message for Interfaith Worship Service “Treasured Jewels, Reflections of the Divine”

Sunday, August 10, 4:00 PM, Caldwell Presbyterian Church… 773 more words

Rabbi Jonathan

Opinion: Kiss Cam outdated, heterosexist

By Ashley Nava
El Paso, T.X. 

You’re sitting in the stands at a major sporting event, hot dog in one hand, drink in the other. Suddenly, you look up at the jumbotron and see your projected face framed with a heart, and the words underneath read, “Kiss Cam.” Thousands of people anxiously wait for you to kiss the person sitting beside you. 289 more words


The Puritans Freaking Loved Sex, Okay

So I was looking up some material for a generic “religion and asexuality” masterpost and found this thing (cw: link features… questionable discussion of trans-ness; it talks about trans women as if they are not fully women, and outright refers to hijras as trans women, despite the author having acknowledged non-binary genders in a previous paragraph) which I was not able to fully read the whole way through because I got so frustrated with it.  960 more words



Hi, my name is Zayn Zaki. I’m 22 years old, and an anxious college dropout.

When I was in school I studied literature and gender, sexuality, and women’s studies. 259 more words


Desisting Men Only: An Outlook on Declining "Men Who Have Sex with Men" as Blood Donors

After an eventful act of offering $5 to a homeless woman outside Trader Joe’s, I drove home and thought I should start my own charity giving. 576 more words

Viewpoint: Hairy experiment isn’t just about shock factor

Recently, Arizona State University Associate Professor Breanne Fahs has come under the  microscope for offering extra credit to male students who shave their legs and underarms for ten weeks and female students who opt out. 916 more words


Sexist Stories and the Writer Within

I recently republished one of my first serials on the Writingwolf: a superhero origins story called “Super.” It had started as a simple prompt– 1,046 more words