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The Origins of Sexuality as a Capital-I "Issue"

Recently, I came across an anonymous message sent to an asexuality blog, inquiring after the reason why individuals’ sexualities are such a big deal, culturally, and where that came from as a social phenomenon, and the moderator didn’t know how to answer.  489 more words

Asexuality Talk

Challenging Heterosexism: The Haringey Experiment, 1986-1987

By Bob Cant

Who is going to take responsibility for researching the sexual politics of Haringey in the 1980s? Haringey is a multicultural North London borough with a population of around a quarter of a million, and major economic contrasts between different localities; it includes… 1,072 more words

History Of Sexuality

Say what you want to say

As I mentioned the last time I posted in – good lord – July, I’ve been reexamining a lot of aspects to how I put together articles here. 582 more words


Letter to the Principal

Last week, I went on school camp. Not just any camp, however; it was the Crossroads camp – which generations of year eleven students had affectionately nicknamed ‘sex camp’. 1,538 more words

Gay Blood

When I was in graduate school pursuing my teaching degree, I substituted almost daily in the school where my husband taught music.  Although we weren’t married at the time (this was long before gay marriage was legal), most of the kids and faculty knew our relationship, and with the exception of one seventh grade girl who told her guidance counselor she saw us kissing in the chorus room (not true), people accepted who we were–at least to our faces. 909 more words


It's Vulva, not Vagina

In the annals of Things that Annoy me as a Woman, Feminist, Pagan, and just plain Human-

Odd example, but bear with me:

In an episode of a TV show I watch, that takes place at a fictional law firm, there was a public sculpture, after being unveiled, the city who commissioned the sculpture refused to pay the artist, saying it “violated community standards”. 331 more words