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20+ Reasons Why People Don't Report Their Rape To The Police

Trigger warning: sexual assault, police brutality, rape culture, ableism, ageism, sexism

Owing to various societal barriers, there are a great number of reasons why people wouldn’t want to report their rape. 470 more words


Labels: Empowering, Harmful, or Both?

Originally published on Everyday Feminism and cross-posted here with their permission.

Whenever I discuss my sexuality — as someone who identifies broadly as queer and bisexual and more specifically as… 1,835 more words


I Hate Straight People (Part 1)

It’s time for another classic I Hate Straight People rant. I try to avoid getting into these things because society has convinced me that nobody likes a gay that is always complaining. 761 more words


The Problem with Professionalism

My sister bought me an amazing new shirt for Christmas, a bright teal shirt with matching argyle socks. I told her I was going to wear it to my upcoming job interview as a good luck charm. 831 more words


Failing at talking about social justice with my family

Content warning: Heterosexism

My parents, two sisters and I are sitting at the table yesterday, three of us playing Settlers of Catan.

Sister 1 (22) to me: “Hey bro, wanna trade me wheat for sheep?” 805 more words


Vegan Trove Podcast Ep 7: Intersectionality and Abolitionist Veganism

I invite you to listen to my latest podcast Episode 7 (Listen here). This episode is targeted at a specific audience but I’m sure others will find it interesting.  35 more words

The Origins of Sexuality as a Capital-I "Issue"

Recently, I came across an anonymous message sent to an asexuality blog, inquiring after the reason why individuals’ sexualities are such a big deal, culturally, and where that came from as a social phenomenon, and the moderator didn’t know how to answer.  495 more words

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