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Kirsten Dunst targeted after saying femininity is 'undervalued'

Kirsten Dunst, star of “Melancholia” and the Spider-Man trilogy, recently told Harper’s Baazar she believes femininity is “undervalued.”

“We all have to get our own jobs and make our own money, but staying at home, nurturing, being the mother, cooking — it’s a valuable thing my mum created,” Dunst said. 232 more words

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Will we be more vocal as gay men if Trans men start demanding we sleep with them?

My earlier post asking other gay men to really take up the issue of our lesbian sisters being called “bigots” by trans women(M2T) for not sexually or romantically engaging with them. 823 more words


Why the hell do you think you constantly see the subject of gay marriage and gay ‘rights’ on television ? Have you ever said to yourself…JEEZ I KNOW THE THE ILLUMINATI OWNS ALL THE CORPORATIONS WHO CONTROL CABLE NEWS….SO WHY AM I SEEING STUFF ABOUT GAYS CONSTANTLY?? 870 more words

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hard times lately

this is a song i co-wrote with two chaps in cork called ‘fish go deep’. for the lyric i fantasized about being a heterosexual male … my lady is beautiful and we love each other,but something is wrong…i imagine due to unrest in the political world,there’s been a down turn in the economy,so me and my darling are making the best of this bad situation,and even though we’ve no money right now,she still has one fine elegant expensive gucci gown…it lifts my spirit to see her wearing it. 145 more words

The New York Times, the Brain Genital Law (BGL) and Polygamy

We are increasingly becoming sensitive to what we say for fear of offending others. For that reason, it’s oftentimes risky to tell the truth. Though it shouldn’t, this truthful post will undoubtedly offend certain visitors starting with this personal observation: The personnel of the New York Times is, unlike, let’s say, The Wall Street Journal, both great newspapers which I read daily. 630 more words

Gays. bisexuals, heterosexuals, homosexuals, lesbians!

Let’s solve the problem ones for all so people in Arizona and the other 49 states can go back to happy living. Sexual orientation is a personal behavior, not a political identity (Putin is right about that). 266 more words

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