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Is precommitment the solution to the weakness of will?

The Ulysses Strategy

As the University of Chicago economist Richard Thaler tells the story, a group of fellow-graduate students in economics were at his house one night in the late nineteen-seventies, socializing before the dinner hour. 120 more words

Behavioral Economics

Know your Heuristics!

I am a well known supporter (a.k.a. “fan”) of exact optimization. Still, I spent the whole 90 minutes master level class in operations research on heuristics this week (also last week, actually). 1,371 more words

Operations Research

How cheap changes can produce big effects

In Praise of Small Miracles

Most of us don’t save enough. When governments try to encourage saving, they usually enact big policies to increase the incentives. 100 more words

Behavioral Economics

Heuristics, Problem Solving and Fake Coin

Two main problem solving techniques are algorithms and heuristics. While algorithms involve detailed, step wise process to solve a problem, heuristics is about short cuts and rule of thumb. 321 more words

A Heuristic Approach to Test Charters

One of the elements of Session-Based Test Management (SBTM) that I have found testers new to the approach struggle with the most is the creation of effective test charters. 1,545 more words


Climate solution aversion

Why Free Marketeers Don’t Buy Climate Science

It is often said that people who don’t want to solve the problem of climate change reject the underlying science, and hence don’t think there’s any problem to solve. 91 more words

Behavioral Economics

Economies of scale in behavioral economics

Learn once, use forever and wherever

I swear it’s not that I’m lazy. It’s just that there are such great economies of scale in behavioural economics that once you learn about it in one domain you can use it everywhere. 107 more words

Behavioral Economics