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Web Portfolios

Katerattanakul, Pairin, and Keng Siau. “Factors Affecting the Information Quality of Personal Web Portfolios.” Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology 59, no. 264 more words

Is sharing better than consuming?

Why People Crave Both Freedom and Constraint

Today, consumers desire to interact rather than to just mindlessly consume. Consumers don’t want to just read; they want to comment. 114 more words

Behavioral Economics

The bread and butter of behavioral economics

The Business Of Behavioral Economics

You’ve done everything—endured diets, purged your freezer of Ben & Jerry’s, and educated yourself on fat, sugar, and calories. Yet, you can’t manage to lose weight. 127 more words

Behavioral Economics

I Look Deep in the Crystal Ball and See a Colonoscopy in your Future! Ha!

“What you see is all there is.”—Daniel Kahneman

Daniel Kahneman is a brilliant winner of the Nobel Prize. He helped bring heuristics and fallacies to light! 552 more words

Psychology And Sociology

Are financial markets flying from reality?

The Psychodynamics of the Stock Market

We think of stock market as an indicator of economic activity. But it is also an indicator of the emotions associating with investing, and more broadly with our shared images of the future. 122 more words

Behavioral Economics

How to feel in control as food consumers

Emotions and Eating: A Marketer’s Dream?

Both research and popular media tell us that emotions and eating are intrinsically related. How many times have we seen a character in a TV show reaching for the ice-cream tub when feeling particularly down or after a breakup? 108 more words

Behavioral Economics

Is it better to choose unconsciously?

When To Think Less About Your Choices

Smart people have a tendency to think hard about the choices they make. Who are you going to marry? 122 more words

Behavioral Economics