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Do you ever have this problem?

The world is full of glorious and beautiful things to do. Even the most ordinary things are so intriguing. Like for instance, after reading the latest soft, but Saturday-afternoon-sort-of- entertaining offering by Sarah Addison Allen, … 600 more words


Apps for managing impulsive shopping

Will consumers adopt a digital finance conscience?

What’s wrong with a consumer who eats lunch out every day, prefers Starbucks to the office Keurig coffee machine and splurges on Uber instead of public transportation? 87 more words

Behavioral Economics

Gambler's fallacy makes you unfair

Opinion: The gambler’s fallacy and real-world decisions

A new report suggests that the fallacy leads asylum judges, loan officers and baseball umpires to make major mistakes. 118 more words

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How to save energy by changing people

The next energy revolution won’t be in wind or solar. It will be in our brains.

In the arid lands of the Mojave Desert, Marine regimental commander Jim Caley traveled alongside a 24-mile stretch of road and saw trucks, tanks and armored tracked vehicles all idling in the heat — and wasting enormous amounts of expensive fuel. 108 more words

Behavioral Economics

Adopt Private Mind Tricks

By: Nikki Nies

While the words portion control, calorie counting and “mindfulness” are regularly thrown around as necessarily components of weight loss.  Unfortunately, there’s often times a discrepancy in the information provided to the public and what information the public retains and understands when temptation confronts them. 431 more words

Nikki Nies

Are biases good errors?

The benefits of cognitive limits

Cleaning up some notes recently, I was reminded of another interesting piece from Gerd Gigerenzer’s Rationality for Mortals : “Is perfect memory desirable, without error? 150 more words

Behavioral Economics

Is behavioral economics overused?

Has The “Nudge” Meme Gotten Out Of Control?

A tweet recently came across my feed that captures a problem with the popularity of the nudge meme. 107 more words

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