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Laser and Inkjet Printer and All-in-One Sales up Three Percent in Western Europe

According to London-based IT market-research firm CONTEXT, unit sales of printer hardware returned to positive year-over-year growth of 3 percent in Western Europe in the third-quarter 2014. 377 more words


Corporate Divorces and Reining CEO Pay Rise; 30-Oct-2014

Mergers don’t always work because of various reasons such as merged businesses that are poles apart in function or product or one part (company) outgrowing the other. 107 more words

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HP Unveils Their 3D Printer: Multi Jet Fusion

HP had previously mentioned that they would be entering the 3D printing market with their own hardware. Today they announced what that hardware will be. Targeting the commercial 3D printing industry, they’re showing off their Multi Jet Fusion Printer. 205 more words


HP Delivers its First 3D Printer, Said to be Faster and Offering More Object Strength and Detail

Today in New York, Hewlett-Packard unveiled its first HP-developed 3D printer, which uses HP’s new additive Multi Jet Fusion technology, which in turn borrows from HP’s thermal inkjet-printing technology, to produce three-dimensional objects. 969 more words


To quote Michael Caine…

…“Not a lot of people know that”.

Don’t bend the fiber cable too much, the Laser light travelling down the cable can actually crash in to the internal walls of the cable (attenuation), this is called Macro bending. 32 more words

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My little HP clamshell has no mouse
(There’s just a trackpad underneath my thumbs),
So how come when I use it in the house
I start to type, and here the kitty comes? 87 more words


The ZBook 15 and 17 G2s join HP iQuote

Mobile Workstations.

Take advantage of the HP ZBook 15in or 17in G2’s powerful processing and graphics, simple scalability, and fast connectivity to perform and collaborate at the speed of creativity. 77 more words