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To Hex or Heal

My H blog has been delayed by our family holidays in a beautiful holiday cottage in Whitby,West Yorkshire. The week hasn’t let me forget the letter H, with us staying in Holly Cottage and finding my first hagstone, to the point where I felt guilty but Whitby is a technological and wifi black spot and I have been out of touch with the world for almost 5 days. 374 more words


Wicked By Any Other Name by Linda Wisdom

This book is a barrel of laughs! It was absolutely fantastic! I have the next one waiting for me at home and can’t wait until I get to it. 133 more words


#1,078 - The Hexadecimal Numeral System

Humans normally represent numeric values using the decimal (base 10) numeral system.  We can also represent numbers as hexadecimal, or base 16.

The hexadecimal numeral system uses 16 different digits (numeric symbols), rather than 10.   121 more words


The Beginning of who I am.

The Beginning of who I am.

I thought I would share who I am with you all…I know my writing has flaws & I overcome difficulties in life nearly daily; maybe that topic should be my next novel? 833 more words

Conscious Thought With Katie

Timothy Bradley to boxing world: "Dionisia hexed me!"

Last Sunday, the whole country watched Manny Pacquiao fight to regain the WBO Welterweight Title from Timothy Bradley. And in the early rounds, it seemed Bradley was going to dominate this encounter. 306 more words

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Frost Crystals and a Tease

I know,  I know.  This really is the last post for the Frost Barbarians.  Well…until I get their spells and unit cards designed.  I just keep thinking of more things that are needed to complete the army, that’s all. 160 more words