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I am a former overachiever and recovering perfectionist. If there was a Perfectionists Anonymous support group, I would bring donuts every week. As a kiddo/pre-teen/teenager, I was an ambitious, passionate, somewhat cocky and extremely energetic young person. 623 more words


Hey Girl, Hey! Part II

So… I was going to start this post off by once again apologizing for my lack of posting, but I won’t. I think we’ve reached a point in our blogging-relationship where I no longer feel the need to apologize to you over and over again. 1,051 more words


Careless Carless Whispers

If my career were an item of clothing, it would resemble a patchwork cardigan made up of opportune fabric and wool. Like many people, I have a passion for being creative, which has seen me never fully immerse myself into the world of work. 466 more words

Hey Girl

A Sunny Sunday That's Not Too Hot

After a week of grueling weather here in Boston, Sunday has arrived sunny and breezy and just hot enough to be able to enjoy the outdoors. 98 more words


Ryan Gosling: Perfect Student Affairs Boyfriend

Ryan Gosling is the perfect student affairs boyfriend.  He understands the unique issues in your job.  He’s a feminist and fights for social justice.  He reads student development theory in his spare time.   34 more words

Student Affairs

Thanks Ryan....

I’m having the kind of day where sedatives are almost necessary but cracked a smile when I saw this.


Trevor paces in full view of my perch, middle finger and thumb woefully massaging his furrowed brow, tension palpable. Where is Cleo with my cold filtered organic soy non-stick allergen free compostable coffee? 545 more words

Hey Girl