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Get Ready With Me To Go Nowhere | #TurnDownForWhat #TunUp - YouTube

Hey #SamoreLoveBugz ❤❤Click Here To Subscribe to My Main Channel #SamoreLoveTV :http://tinyurl.com/brxm7c8 ❤❤ My Son's Channel ❤❤Che…


Well, even though I HIGHLY doubt that anyone will be reading this… ever, it is the internet so I figure I better introduce myself. My name is Megan Bryant. 273 more words

Hello Kitty


John Watson to the world.

Hello world!

Okay, maybe not exactly “world” since I’m not even sure anyone would read this.
But a greeting’s a greeting, right? And besides, you guys on the internet, yeah you, you’re my world- so it’s only fair, even if it’s just a site moderator. 205 more words


I think my spirit body passed my roommate’s spirit body walking down the hall last night. It could be a dream I’m recalling, but we were partially transparent and that’s the way it feels to me. 9 more words


'Brevity' Offers iOS 7 Texters One-tap Access to Their Favorite Response

Chances are, you have a favorite response to most different kinds of text messages, whether it’s “K,” “Okay,” “Hey,” some kind of Emoji, or something else. 93 more words

My "IQ"

I know this test is by no means accurate and I’m nowhere near 136 (I guess I’m around 115), but hey, a girl can dream right? LOL