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Whatever in return

Cause I am happiness

And you are in a whatever in return

My Walk To My Heart.

Can PTSD Cause Shaking?

Hey everyone. Quick question…my boyfriend is diagnosed with PTSD after returning from serving in the middle east. I ve noticed that his hands will frequently shake. 46 more words

Let Me Explain Myself

My boyfriend broke up with me three weeks ago.

Now that that’s out in the open, you can all sympathise, perhaps even empathise, with how I’m feeling at the moment. 346 more words


Technical Problems

Hey, for some reason I have to sign in multiple times, like the system doesn t recognize my initial sign in, then after navigating around for a while (ostensibly while still signed in) I posted anonymously, but still have my sign-in bar visible. 35 more words

it's okay

It’s 7:08. The time you are often afraid of what this world will become. Because of this and this and this. After the news and during Jeopardy when your father incessantly blurts out the answers to a deaf Alex Trebek. 446 more words