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Can't get a name

Apparently not. Try again in another two months.

Ok Cupid

My first post

Hey there people of the Internet! My name is Abigail and I’m 13 years old. I know what you’re probably thinking, what could possibly be so interesting about a thirteen year old girls life? 48 more words


Hey #GLAMfam members

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hey u

i been sitting
just contemplating

the misery residing in the memories

your face continues plaquing my sanity
it is a disease

a dis-ease unsettling… 7 more words


Ms. Extreme

I can see the tears

They are rotten diamonds

Roll them down

Ease your frown

I ain’t coming back

I am not a heartbreaker

My Walk To My Heart.

Who am I?

Hey!  I am just another college kid with a little more time that should be allocated to studying instead of blogging.  But here’s my thought process when I was clicking the “Create” button: 176 more words


Stupido Numero "Uno"

I scream

I yell

I shout

I act stupid

But she says

I am her “stupido numero uno”

To mention :

I Love female Blood.

I fangirl Females.

My Walk To My Heart.