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¡Dame esos cinco!

¡Dame esos cinco!, o ¡choca las cinco!  Como coloquialmente decimos en Colombia, fue lo que inspiró a la aerolínea KLM, filial de Air France, como una manera divertida para entregar tiquetes aéreos a ciudadanos de Ámsterdam y de NY. 117 more words

Competition in Social Media

Hello Again everyone,

I hope you have all been finding the information I have been sharing very helpful. I am sure I do not have to even tell you about competition in social media, for each and every day you see a commercial or advertisement you know what they are. 338 more words


Social Life Cycle

Hello again,

When a new technology comes out how do you react? Are you one of the first people in line to get it? Do you wait for hours just to make sure you have it first before everyone? 479 more words


New To Wordpress

Hey Jai,

I am Jermaine a student from Georgia State University. I double major in Marketing as well as Managerial Science. As take more marketing classes I realize that social media has become such a major part in modern day businesses. 136 more words


Are you in your Teens?

Hello everyone,

Hope everyone is doing well. I really want to thank everyone for reading and visiting and encouraging me to continue in my new efforts to blog. 354 more words