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hi-5 house hits in manila

the little boy loves watching hi-5.  he knows the songs, follows the dance steps and imitates whatever it is being done on-screen.

the hi-5 gang has already been here a couple of times before, but we were not able to watch them.   205 more words

Random Thoughts

Hi5 and Orkut days

When I heard that Google has decided that Orkut is stated for decommissioning in September 2014, I was in a sea of emotions. The older non gaming Hi5 along with Orkut was my first and second step into social networking. 1,409 more words

The Firsts

Daily Doodle 48

What gets me is the fact that things change (such as WordPress) and then all of a sudden I have to start on a new learning curve having just mastered the last update.   546 more words

Daily Doodle 46

Daughter No.2 pointed out that I missed out Daily Doodle 46 and commented that either I had an unhealthy irrational fear of the number 46, a complete aversion to it or just can’t count. 240 more words

Tim Harding of Hi-5 on Fatherhood

Growing up, you will tend to have a crush on a TV personality and  imagine them to be your boyfriend. While growing up, I love to watch Hi-5. 686 more words