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Waking Dreams

In the middle of chaos,

amongst the busy highway of thoughts,

you found your waking dream.


Reblog: "The Influence of Mother Nature"

A new blog post from my upcoming children’s picture book, Adventures of “Piratess” Tilly !

When was the last time you chose to stand in the rain, allowing it to wash away your burdens?

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Foregoing The Usual Birthday Post (Brownie Now!)

Yesterday I was buzzing like a bee, all a-rarin’ to go, and chomping at the bit, even, consumed with magnificent intention to write The Annual… 582 more words



Inkling of blue sky

i sit patiently writing

awaiting rainbow

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Yoga And Addiction

Mornings with Paulie

Looming in the dark

Paulie the Wonder Dog’s nose.

Can we get up yet?