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Hibernate application-level repeatable reads


In my previous post I described how application-level transactions offer a suitable concurrency control mechanism for long conversations.

All entities are loaded within the context of a Hibernate Session, acting as a… 600 more words


Hibernate4 : Enable JPA @PrePersist/@PreUpdate annotation using SessionFactroy.

Although the hibernate team suggest to use JPA EntityManager, but sometime you just want to keep using the good old SessionFactory with JPA annotations.

  1. Include org.hibernate:hibernate-entitymanager as dependency: …
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MongoDB Incremental Migration Scripts

MongoDB Incremental Migration Scripts


An incremental software development process requires an incremental database migration strategy.

I remember working on an enterprise application where the… 34 more words



OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOD my dorm is SO COLD. Like my dorm room/suite. It’s SO COLD. During the day, from 9 to 5, it’s nice. You don’t really notice it. 436 more words

Stupid Things


This week I have realised how much I love my sleep. I have been super tired for no reason whatsoever (apart from perhaps the 5.30am boot camp wake up call). 258 more words

October 2014

Java Developers for Hyderabad

4+ Years of Hands on coding experience of Core Java, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, Concurrency, Transaction, Data Structures, Schemas, JMX, JUnit, Eclipse
3+ years of relational database experience (Oracle, MySQL) 78 more words

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