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A good post on registerHibernateType

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First of all, custom dialect class – Hibernate Dialect class need to inherit the database we use the dialect class. For example: if we use MySQL (version 5.xx), we need to inherit of the org.hibernate dialect. 530 more words


Webpage development in Java using Spring MVC, JSTL, Javascript and JQuery

How this website is structured in development:

1.) VIEW format – This is the front page view as shown in the browser. components: HTML and CSS for page layout, Spring MVC tags and JSTL for JSP for Java integration to Controller side. 93 more words


Hibernate, @ManyToOne no need update


public class Crypto extends SessionDAO {

@GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.AUTO, generator = "my_entity_seq_gen")
@SequenceGenerator(name = "my_entity_seq_gen", sequenceName = "catalog_seq")
private int id;

private String currency1;
private String currency2;
private double value;

private MainCurrency mainCurrency;

private Exchanger exchanger;
getters, setters, etc.... 247 more words
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Top 25 Hibernate Interview Questions

1.      What is hibernate session and session factory? How do you configure sessionfactory in spring configuration file?

Hibernate Session is the main runtime interface between a Java application and Hibernate. 3,390 more words

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

To say winter is not my favorite season is a serious understatement. I am no Elsa but I am trying to ” Let it Go, Let it Go”, and be a hopeful optimist for my son who absolutely loves the snow, as we are hoping for some great snowfall soon – to have a nice “war” outdoors.  505 more words


Good Morning Gorgeous

Sometimes, I just want to hibernate.

Today’s Affirmation: My inner strength bolsters me.


order by before group by in mysql

We have two entities: Activity 1:n Conversation. I need to get the latest conversation for each of the activity. The MySql doesn’t allow me to put order by before the group by. 65 more words