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New Life

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Where I live, it started to snow, last weekend.  It is interesting how everything changes when a blanket of snow is covering the landscape.  266 more words

Living In Awareness

An iOS Social Network

Wow it’s been a while. To be honest I almost completely forgot about my little WordPress blog. Life has kept me very busy as I work my way through my last semester in my undergrad. 617 more words

School Projects

Hibernate locking patterns - How does Optimistic Lock Mode work

Explicit optimistic locking

In my previous post, I introduced the basic concepts of Java Persistence locking.

The implicit locking mechanism prevents lost updates and it’s suitable for entities that we can actively modify. 1,108 more words



The past couple of days I spent some time getting my app running with Hibernate. Unfortunately I was quite low on time, so it took me longer than I had anticipated. 504 more words


Hibernating until the spring swells come.

As you may have gathered from a previous post, I just returned from Brazil. I’d also been looking forward to a trip to Encinitas… 648 more words


Hibernate mapping for CLOB and BLOB using annotation

Database (Oracle and others)  type CLOB or BLOB can be mapped  among other other types to character array.
For example you could map that to byte array. 119 more words