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My World

I traverse

a fish pond world

gone black

by deadly feet

of swimming children

that pee

and splash

in the water I breathe

William D. Hicks, USA


Slap Snooze

Slap snooze

Stumble from bed

Take a whizz

Walk to kitchen

Run water to tumbler

Flip on weather

Take a sip

Throwback meds

Try to listen… 31 more words


This dude smiles a lot

This dude smiles a lot. While he’s talking. Usually, I like that. Heck, I do that! 73 more words

What (I think) Makes You a Redneck

There are definite SIGNS any northerner, midwesterner, and west coaster notice about southern men.

Let’s be honest there are qualities that make someone have the redneck persona.  176 more words


When you think of country music, tell me do you think of Sweden? Hicks (aka Miqael Persson) may have you start thinking of Sweden. Yes there have been country artists from other parts of the world but who would have thought of Sweden? 205 more words