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"Grapes of Wrath"'s 75th anniversary: Steinbeck's cornpone Marxism and bad history

My latest for the Weekly Standard:

The Joads: No resemblance to real-life Okies

The Okies I knew of when I was growing up were also diehard political conservatives of the quasi-John Birch variety who wouldn’t have gone for the cornpone Marxism that Steinbeck put into the mouths of Tom Joad and his rebarbative mother, Ma Joad, the family matriarch.

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Don't buy beer, don't buy beer, don't buy beer....

Shoulda bought beer.

Sheer desperation for booze brought me to the beer aisle at the store, which I managed to force myself to visit after realizing that if I don’t do it now, I won’t have any food until after January 1st, because I’m not leaving the house again until all the holiday bullshit is done with. 205 more words


Hard of understanding?

Just in case anyone is still misled by Hicks, here is the reply from today’s Times, written by the experts where DNA analysis was devised: 291 more words

Parental Advisory – Your Grandparents Had Very Dirty Minds

The original blues age was responsible for some of the dirtiest songs ever recorded, some of which would still struggle to get past the censor now – the fist title of this list certainly would anyway. 217 more words

Funeral Card Friday – Effie J. Simmons

Effie Simmons is my aunt who died in March 2005. Her married name is Simmons, I think. I will remember her for her strength, kindness and wanting all women empowered.  24 more words


Straight from the horse's mouth?

……… in which Dr. John Ashdown-Hill, who located the mtDNA match, tells nerdalicious what these findings really mean, not what the Cairo brigade (eg Hicks, Dan Jones and their acolytes) are already twisting them to mean: 105 more words

Bill Hicks: “I was born screaming in America”

Sporting his signature black outfit, cigarette in hand, fog billowing from his cynical mouth; theatrical movements, tongue sharp, a dark satirical wit with absolutely no limitations – this is the Bill Hicks I have come to know and love. 559 more words