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My Source, My Balance, My Ayurveda...

I was doing some work for my Ayurveda class today and while daydreaming got to thinking about this blog and how it’s a blog about Ayurveda, but it may not always appear to be about Ayurveda. 896 more words

Hicks Orthodontics by BarberMcMurry Architects

BarberMcMurry Architects have designed a new location for Hicks Orthodontics in Lenoir City, Tennessee.

From the architects
Hicks Orthodontics is a comprehensive care practice with an existing location in Knoxville, Tennessee. In late 2012, BarberMcMurry architects was…

WK 11 - Artist Interview - Wesley Hicks

When I first saw this art piece, it resembled a shark with a weird tail. It was so unique and fascinating from all the other sculptures. 129 more words



This was by far the most unique and attractive piece of the galleries on Thursday when i first saw it i couldn’t believe it.This piece really caught my attention and i knew i didn’t wanna do any other one it was like a combination of different legos and pieces and i never knew that you could actually form these types of object using just small instruments although i did have a little hard time figuring few of them out if just really appeal to me and i knew there is a deep meaning behind it.I shouldve tried harder but i didnt Even Wesley, in his artist statement states that “ creates art of an unknown origin”,so this work really connected to you.

WK 11 - Artist Interview - Wesley Hicks

Wesley Hicks’ small scale ceramics pieces are inspiring to look at. They are beyond anything I have ever seen before in ceramic work. Wesley says that his “art is reflected back at the world through a hazy mirror.” As I was observing his work I began to think about this statement with each piece in mind. 124 more words

Artist Interviews

Wk 11-Artist Interview

Wesley Hicks presented art this week of different miniature objects. I adored each art piece because there was so many for me to view. Each display carried different characteristics of geometric shapes and vibrant colors that were attracting. 123 more words


Wk 11 - Artist Interview - Wesley Hicks

This week at the art galleries on campus I really enjoyed the art done by Wesley Hicks. All of his ceramic works of art that was on display looked cool to me, so I decided to choose him to put in my post this week. 111 more words