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WW3: Russia to US “The dollar is evil"

According to Russia Today, “A group of Lower House MPs are urging Russian oil and gas producers and traders to stop using the US dollar. They say this means sharing profits with the USA, and making Russia vulnerable to western sanctions. 211 more words

Hidden Agenda

Bizarro Christianity—It’s Much Worse Than You Think (Part 2)

         Regarding Unreal Christianity and the identification of its various elements, I decided when I first started writing on the subject that I would not name names. 2,245 more words
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Bizarro Christianity—It’s Much Worse Than You Think (Part 1)

         We all know many things are currently very bad in this world. The optimist in me does not like this, but facts are facts.

         The world has largely become an accurate reflection of half a century’s worth of mind-altering films, television, and music.

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         Why should God fight for and support a people who advocate for the blatant persecution of His children?

         Achieving the Objective in the Face of Adversity… 1,608 more words

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Abuse The Hidden Agenda...

Addictions, Addicted To Abuse

Drugs Are Not The Only Addictions In America.

What is the hidden agenda of abuse? To Darken The Soul!

There is the war on illegal drugs. 5,349 more words

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