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Spy Video Friday: April Fools in the Classroom

Being a spy isn’t always serious business. Sometimes, you might just be in it for the fun of pranks or seeing what sort of embarrassing things people do when they think no one is watching. 360 more words

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Socially Impratical

In the midst of a transaction, a White Castle cashier takes a customer’s $20 bill and stares intently at Andrew Jackson’s portrait.

As if frozen, the employee continues to stare at it. 522 more words

CamStickMA: Motion-Activated CamStick

Our Motion-Activated CamStick (CamStickMA) is our best CamStick (at least in this blogger’s humble opinion). The best part about this spy camera is how useful it is in just about any situation. 560 more words

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Spy Video Friday: Abusive and Thieving Nannies

Nanny cameras are pretty common place these days. We see them featured in movies and television shows like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Some people use nanny cameras to document child abuse while other people use them to catch thieving nannies or housekeepers. 438 more words

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Spy Product Tuesday: Secret Shopper Package

Secret shoppers play a vital role in keeping retail stores on their toes. Based on the reviews they give, stores stay on their best behavior and actively improve customer service performance. 302 more words

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Spy and Hidden Cameras

A Spy and Hidden Camera is the perfect video surveillance tool. Your can use it for your personal, office or home Security.

However, its always better to buy these products from a known platform as often these Products come without warranty. 42 more words

BushBaby2 Throw Pillow Camera

We have a new product!
BB2Pillow is the newest addition to our family of BushBaby2 cameras.Do you suspect your spouse is cheating on you? 64 more words

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