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North Korea Demands Film Not Being Shown At Film Festival Not Be Shown At Film Festival

And when North Korea demands something, the Berlinale listens.

Organizers here quickly buckled under pressure and have now sheepishly agreed to take the film not being shown on their program off their program immediately. 79 more words


German Of The Day: Die Initiative Ergreifen

That means taking the initiative. You know, as in arresting two Salafists in Berlin Wedding on suspicion of recruiting fighters for Isis in Syria?

And it’s about freaking time, people. 34 more words


Wolfsburg: Volkswagens And ISIL Jihadist Cells

Prosecutors in Germany are reportedly investigating a suspected 50-member cell with links to Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) that is planning terror attacks on German soil. 6 more words


Pegida? Kögida? Bärgida?

This is all starting to bug me a litta…

Germany is preparing itself for the first wave of PEGIDA demonstrations of the new year. The anti-Islamization movement has been steadily growing in popularity as the demonstrations reach their fourth month. 52 more words


It's Not Just A Club Anymore

The Putin Understanders Club, I mean. In Germany. It’s bound to be an eingetragener Verein (registered society) by now.

Putin understanders are not confined to the Linke; nor even to Germany. 97 more words