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Something from nothing: What does that even mean?

Conversation with people of faith ultimately leads to a series of objections and questions about the nature of the universe and its origins. Perhaps the most common query is “how can something come from nothing?” In a recent, for lack of a word conversation on a blog post, someone asked me if I’d ever experienced something coming from nothing. 690 more words


Could new investigations lead to a fifth law of nature?

Within the existing laws and models within physics there are four forces which have been proven to occur. Gravity is probably the most obvious, as on Earth if we drop an object it will always fall to the floor. 932 more words

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From Fermilab: "The Higgs gives mass to matter, too"

Fermilab is an enduring source of strength for the US contribution to scientific research world wide.

Friday, July 25, 2014
Jim Pivarski

Nearly 50 years before its discovery, the… 511 more words

Particle Physics

Dogfooding Higgs with the Turing Turtle

A while back, I wrote Turing Drawings, a JavaScript web app which uses randomly generated Turing machines to produce animated drawings on an HTML5 canvas… 274 more words


Zombies at CERN

Not everyone who knows me, knows that I like horror films, but I do! In fact, I’m a particular fan of zombie films. I’m such a fan, I even made a feature length one with fellow zombie-loving physicists a few years ago at CERN! 606 more words


My Paper was Rejected... Again

A month ago, I submitted an updated version of my basic block versioning paper to an academic conference (the previous version can be viewed here… 699 more words