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How to Deal with Altitude Sickness while Traveling

The travel company Adventure Life has received excellent reviews for its unique, well-planned vacation options for adventurous travelers. Adventure Life’s guided tour options include visiting remote locations of the globe. 147 more words

Adventure Life Reviews

Rockabouts and Roundabouts

There is a hairpin turn in the Brazos River off of Texas State Highway 16. The river has cut against the limestone ridge on the north shore of the bend for centuries to expose large, flat faces with deep-cut overhangs. 1,087 more words

Hot and Cold Never Made a Better Couple

The bitter temperatures of autumn mornings contradict the warm, festive atmosphere in Albuquerque on the first weekend of October. At 5am, the air tickles your nose to a happy shade of pink until the sun rises around 7am. 822 more words

Running in high altitude....

Let’s just get this out of the way. I’m somewhat a failure in the stamina front when it comes to sports of any kind and running is no exception. 518 more words

High Altitude Training in Low Altitude Sydney

Scott Reynolds invited the ATEC Expo team to try out some training at Peak Altitude Training recently. The studio manager explained to us what altitude training is and what the benefits are. 51 more words


Gluten-free Monday: Peach Cobbler Mashup, Do and Redux (and Do Again . . . .)

So, some time ago, eons ago, in Blog Time, I did a Gluten-free Monday, in fact, one of the first Gluten posts I ever did, on converting my friend Bob’s cobbler recipe to gluten-free and comparing it to another gluten-free cobbler recipe. 525 more words