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Today we woke up in sunny, beautiful Arequipa. Even though it’s winter, it was a perfect 72 degrees — excellent walking around in a new city weather.

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South American Adventures: Day 8 - Puerta Inca to Arequipa

Today was almost entirely a travel day, as the journey from Puerta Inca to Arequipa was very long. But it wasn’t without adventure and beauty. I was completely in awe watching the landscape turn away from the Pacific Ocean, out of the sandy dunes, and into lusher areas as we climbed and climbed higher in elevation through tight cliffside roads through the mountains. 364 more words

[How to spend a cool summer on Jeju] Saryeoni Forest Path

Saryeoni Forest Path – The Holy Forest

Part of Jeju Tourism’s ‘How to spend a cool summer on Jeju’ Series

On Jeju Island we have many beautiful Olle trails, but with the summer heat they can become a bit too hot. 240 more words

Jeju Island

Ancient genes hide in Tibetan DNA

It’s no secret that Tibetan people are supremely well-adapted to high-altitude living. However, the origin of the genes that make them so has proved a mystery. 45 more words


Running Denver

I’ve been nagging you about choosing a Fall run and so I decided to lead by example and chose Denver for my next big race. The Denver Rock n’ Roll marathon is on October 15 and is only my second rock n’ roll event, the first being the Washington DC marathon I ran in March of this year. 406 more words


Climbing Mountains with Beet Juice

Human populations who live in high altitudes, like Sherpas and other highlanders, have almost ten times more nitric oxide in their systems than their lowland-dwelling counterparts according to recent studies.   320 more words

Beet Juice

In the mountains of Peru: cargo tricycle

When Melanie Martin took this picture and sent it to me, she wrote that she and her husband John were on their way to the Colca Valley to see… 86 more words

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