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Santa Fe Velo

I just spent a month in Santa Fe, New Mexico and enjoyed all the beautiful weather, high altitude, and NM hospitality that it had to offer. 378 more words

Beautiful Leh

It’s eleven in the morning and already I’m having one of the most incredible days of my life. I’m currently sitting on my mattress here in our hostel in Leh, looking at blue skies for the first time in weeks, surrounded on all four sides by the Himalayas, which are just… breathtaking. 1,209 more words


Big Bear Xeriscape Demonstration Garden

Rose Sage, Salvia pachyphylla

 I was at Hunter’s Nursery as usual for the 12th Annual Big Bear Xeriscape Tour, providing information about the many native plants for sale at Hunter’s.  128 more words


Running Magnolia Road outside of Boulder CO

On my way to Leadville for the LT100 MTB race I am stopping by Boulder. I have always wanted to visit Boulder as I’ve heard so many good things about this place so figured this would be a good time to visit since I’m in the area and also because there is a lot more to do here compared to spending all my time in Leadville. 116 more words


Small, low altitude drones multipling in rural America

While the FAA has until September 2015 to allow high altitude drones (above 500ft) in US airspace, there is a proliferation of small, low altitude drones (below 500ft) fitted with color and IR cameras to survey individual fields a quarter square mile or more at a time.  160 more words

South American Adventures: Days 12 - 14 - Cusco

I absolutely, positively love Cusco! What a fantastic city! Great sights, great food, great people, great night life, great vibe. Alternatively, it definitely feels like the holding pen it is for those trekking up to Machu Picchu, and those celebrating (rightly so) its completion. 619 more words

Romancing the Kidney Stone

The sonographer was Cuban. He was one of the few health care professionals that ever dared attempt to pronounce my very long Portuguese last name when calling me from the waiting room and the only one who ever pronounced it perfectly. 906 more words

Flight Attendant