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Cocky German Soccer Team Loses To Australia

Still on an unnatural natural high after their nation’s recent World Cup championship victory over Argentina in Brazil, an overconfident team of German robots has lost miserably to Australia 5-1 in the RoboCup 2014 final. 48 more words


Now For Something Completely Different

Speaking Of Siegerflieger

These Flieger are dedicated to you, World Cup Champions of 2014!


113 Minutes Can Be A Long Time

The best team won. The first Europeans on South American soil, which takes some doing, and the first team here to stifle Messi while still discovering a route to goal themselves.


My Pope Can Beat Up Your Pope

Germans everywhere seem to be particularly nervous today for some reason. Somebody told meĀ  it might have something to do with soccer. And Argentina.

I’d be nervous then, too. 47 more words


More Berlin Fashion Week Fashion!

Damn. With all this World Cup crap going on these days practically all of this wonderful Berlin Fashion Week fashion slipped right past me somehow. Right under my nose, so-to-speak. 20 more words


Imperial Forces Overrun Frankfurt International Airport

This could never happen in Berlin. Berlin doesn’t have an airport big enough.

The creator of the YouTube video, which shows Storm Troopers and Imperial Shuttles taking over… 16 more words