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15 Cool German Illnesses You Can Only Get Here

Mostly because 1) you probably can’t pronounce them and 2) they don’t really exist.

Germans aren’t hypochondriacs, by the way. They’re Hypochonder.



Clutchy Hopkins/Misled Children/Eugene Harrington

I know I’m late to the party, but I just got turned on to this Clutchy Hopkins/Misled Children/Eugene Harrington weirdness…

They’re three aliases for what is allegedly the same late-2000’s jazz/funk band. 258 more words

For Realz Yo

German Of The Day: Umsonst

That means “for free.” Like this ebook right here:

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Your coupon code is VN48A (not case-sensitive).

I would appreciate a review. Enjoy!


North Korea Demands Film Not Being Shown At Film Festival Not Be Shown At Film Festival

And when North Korea demands something, the Berlinale listens.

Organizers here quickly buckled under pressure and have now sheepishly agreed to take the film not being shown on their program off their program immediately. 79 more words


Now I Know Why We Can Never Find German Soldiers When We Need Them

They’re hiding.

The sniper is straight up from the big boulder in the lower left corner, where the color of the stones changes from light to dark. 73 more words