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Would Numbers Lie?

News products can be that way. On the one hand the numbers tell us today that the mood in the German economy has picked up yet again and that German companies are looking ahead to 2015 with renewed confidence. 76 more words


Seconds Out

I just realized that the title of Genesis’ Seconds Out is probably an insult directed at Peter Gabriel.

It’s the live album from the tour for  62 more words


Tae Miles "The Connection." [VIDEO]

Tae Miles teamed up with High Art to bring you a new, aweseome motion picture, The Connection. Miles produced the track himself for his project Throedie. Watch it here

Ohio Streets

The Bigger They Are...

Airbus Group NV (AIR) raised the prospect of discontinuing its A380 superjumbo as soon as 2018, the first admission that it may have misjudged the market for the double-decker after failing to find a single airline buyer this year. 24 more words


DEATH'S REALM Anthology Release Date & Cover Art!

DEATH’S REALM, a Grey Matter Press anthology featuring High Art, a story co-written by myself and Simon Dewar, arrives on January 6th! So just when you’ve shaken off the last of Christmas and New Year hangovers/revelries/festivities… it’ll be around to plunge you back into worlds of darkness, despair–and of course, death. 62 more words


You Better Watch Out

A base flying Santa? From the Park Inn Hotel on Alexanderplatz?

That creeps me out for some reason.

He sees you when you’re sleeping (in room 842) 21 more words



Lenny Kravitz has traveled so far up his own ass that he risks blinking out of existence and creating a black hole.

Any just god would smite us all.