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Since When Does Ukraine Have A Graffiti Problem?

German drones could soon fly over eastern Ukraine? I thought they were only used for patrolling railyards by night to fight graffiti spraying terrorists here in Germany… 59 more words


Music Mondays: Pop music isn't stupid. In fact, it needs our attention.

Happy Bloody Monday, everybody! Here’s to another discussion about our favourite thing in the world from a writer’s perspective.

I’m one of those people who don’t listen to the radio. 907 more words

Breakfast With Words

501 German Oddities

501 German Oddities. No way. Is that all there are?

And you don’t have to read all about them on these new-fangled eReader thingies all the time, you know.


Sophie Taeuber-Arp

As an amateur artist and crafter I’ve always enjoyed wandering through galleries filled with pieces that represent various artistic schools of thought just as much as I love roaming through craft stalls at shows or markets looking for meticulous craftsmanship. 471 more words

What This Town Needs Is A Maximum Security Zoo

Not only do prison inmates in Berlin get to unionize so they can push for a minimum wage and a pension plan, they also get to go on regular visits to Berlin’s famous Zoo called the , uh, Berliner Zoo. 73 more words


Now That's Entertainment!

German television style. I like this host.

He goes for the hottest hot sauce (minute 2:30) because he’s that cool and then has to have somebody else take over for him so they can drive him to the hospital. 45 more words