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Keeping the faith

Despite the fact that you’d like to think we’re an honourable nation, there is no general duty of good faith under English law. This is mainly because English law is not fond of broad, over-reaching principles and instead prefers to create solutions on a case by case basis. 545 more words


The Path to Queer Liberation is not as Straight as it Seems

[This piece was originally written for a friend's website in early December, 2013]

The debate surrounding gay marriage cannot be confined within a left/right binary where supporting it makes you progressive and opposing it makes you a bible-bashing conservative. 877 more words


High Court strikes down laws prohibiting donations to political parties and spending on election campaigns

Unions NSW v NSW HCA 58

The High Court held invalid recent changes to the NSW political donations and campaign expenditure laws.  The laws would have prohibited donations to political parties by any person not on the electoral roll, and where an overall cap on campaign spending by political parties otherwise applied, would have deemed expenditure on a campaign by ‘affiliated organisations’ of a political party (eg, unions) as being expenditure by that political party. 701 more words

Case Note

Surrey seems to be the hardest word

The High Court decision in Surrey County Council v AB and Others 2014


This is a judgment which might be pertinent for an elephant in the room issue since the Family Justice Review started moving us away from independent experts. 4,859 more words

Case Law

Why Does Bombay High Court fear a fraudster Rajkumar Basantani ?

Why Does Bombay High Court fear a fraudster Rajkumar Basantani ? – First this man cheated thousands of retired citizens, then the Courts cheated them too. 620 more words

The High Court Dun

A High Court Dun is a strange animal perhaps not much encountered these days but in the past I recall one gentleman in particular who shall remain nameless, whose path crossed the path of an unfortunate client of mine and who pursued her mercilessly for outstanding debts that he had acquired from elsewhere. 432 more words

History & Legal

Justice Prevails. De Hoedt And McCulloch Defeated In The High Court.

At 10.30am this morning there was a case management conference before Master Eastman concerning my claim against Greg De Hoedt. I was awarded judgement against him in February and the next stage is for a High Court Judge to assess the damages and costs he must pay me. 428 more words