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Lammas and cakes

I know that technically Lammas/Lughnasadh was last week, but it seemed to creep up on me without my realising. So this weekend became an unofficial ‘Lammas’ instead. 184 more words


Liturgy Practicum, Week of July 28, 2014

Lammas week! Hooray! This is one of my favorite high days, so I’m excited to have celebrated it, both with my study group and on my own, as part of my home-based practice requirements. 332 more words

Initiate's Path

DP: Solstice recap

OK, so this is a little late but blimey, work has been stressful all over the place lately. Better late than never, right?

The Summer Solstice was a really fun celebration, that included a ritual at our home shrine, a barbecue and a night spent camping in the garden as part of the… 246 more words


Litha 2014 [Dedicant Path Requirement]

The focus of my midsummer ritual was honoring the sun as life-giver, light-bringer, and hope-bearer. I think it’s important to focus on that and retain a piece of it through the darker months….and here, at the crescendo of the sun’s power and beauty, is time to revel in that bounty. 291 more words