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A look at attempts to save the observance of Easter

A‭ ‬look‭ ‬at‭ ‬attempts‭ ‬to‭ ‬save‭ ‬the‭ ‬the‭ ‬observance‭ ‬of‭ ‬Easter.

It‭ ‬is‭ ‬interesting‭ ‬to‭ ‬see‭ ‬what‭ ‬lengths‭ ‬some‭ ‬people‭ ‬will‭ ‬go‭ ‬to‭ ‬defend‭ ‬the‭ ‬observance‭ ‬and‭ ‬celebrations‭ ‬of‭ ‬certain‭ ‬supposed‭ ‬holidays.‭ ‬I‭ ‬recently‭ ‬read‭ ‬through‭ ‬3‭ ‬articles‭ ‬defending‭ ‬Easter.‭ ‬They‭ ‬were‭ ‬quite‭ ‬lengthy‭ ‬and‭ ‬a‭ ‬considerable‭ ‬amount‭ ‬of‭ ‬unbiblical‭ ‬and‭ ‬illogical‭ ‬conclusions‭ ‬were‭ ‬made.‭ ‬The‭ ‬authors‭ ‬of‭ ‬these‭ ‬articles‭ ‬take‭ ‬the‭ ‬position‭ ‬that‭ ‬Easter‭ ‬does‭ ‬and‭ ‬has‭ ‬always‭ ‬referred‭ ‬to‭ ‬the‭ ‬resurrection.‭ ‬It‭ ‬is‭ ‬simply‭ ‬amazing‭ ‬how‭ ‬much‭ ‬foolishness‭ ‬is‭ ‬stated‭ ‬in‭ ‬these‭ ‬articles.‭ ‬I‭ ‬will‭ ‬give‭ ‬a‭ ‬few‭ ‬examples‭ ‬and‭ ‬then‭ ‬look‭ ‬at‭ ‬their‭ ‬viewpoint‭ ‬as‭ ‬a‭ ‬whole‭ ‬as‭ ‬I‭ ‬understand‭ ‬it.‭ 5,156 more words



Given that it’s still (sort of) the beginning of the year, we’ve been talking about calendars a lot over at the Cauldron forum.

For many Pagans, particularly of a Wiccan or Druid flavour, calendars are fairly straightforward. 537 more words