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October: Chaos

I get the call at 5pm. Merlin needs to be put to sleep, tonight. I look at my watch and know I will not get there in time. 586 more words


Lughnasadh - First High Day Recap

I celebrated Lughnasadh with a non-denominational group. It was my graduating ritual from the advanced paganism class offered, and my first public ritual as acting high priestess. 960 more words


Mabon - My second High Day

Mabon, or the autumnal equinox, is celebrated by a number of groups of pagans. Though some refer to it by different names, such as Alban Elfed or Winter Finding, the intent behind it is the same. 110 more words


Gŵr Cynhaef 2014: Happy with What You Have

I did the Gŵr Cynhaef/Autumn Equinox ritual Monday night, September 22. I used the High Day ritual template that I created by culling from multiple ADF sources, specialized to include praise and offerings to Manawydan and a reading from the portion of the Mabinogi detailing his association with the occasion. 478 more words