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A Black Saturday: High Five!


My left foot’s tarsal bone navicular still swells up with searing pain, yet I am still grateful for this kind of thing came up from the recent walk-athon that has been done yesterday. 697 more words


Celebrate High Five Day!

I love a good high five.  I hate it when you high five someone and they are not into it.  There should be rules of high five etiquette.   80 more words

High Five

Andrew Maxwell-Parish built a high five camera (a GoPro attached to a little microprocessor that turned on the camera for high fives) and filmed all the high fives he gave folks along the San Francisco waterfront – the piers, the Ferry Building, and Fisherman’s Wharf. 56 more words


28th Thought

This enormous black guy just stopped me to ask about the busses and then black person high fived me. I think I’m in a gang now

Small Thoughts

High Five for Friday

Yesterday was not Friday.  But today is!

Here are five top moments this week:

1.  Husband comes home tonight!  He’s been on a business trip in Atlanta for the week and I’ve missed him.   212 more words


High five!

High fives all around! Yesterday’s colonoscopy was all-clear except for a tiny polyp that Dr J clipped off. We’ll get biopsy results back on that, but since he got it all, I am officially considering myself cancer free!  307 more words

It's Cancer