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What motivates you?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately of what actually motivates me? What drags my ass out of bed on a Saturday morning to go coach an early morning derby session (I LIKE MY SLEEP INS!!) and then stay on skates for another 3 hours? 545 more words

High Five

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday! I’m typing this from the comforts of our den at 4:04 pm – my manager said we could leave at 3:00 today and I was out of there lickety-split! 737 more words

High Five

High Five: Mercy Hospital Opens Special Clinic For Labor Day Weekend

(KFSM) – Mercy Hospital opened a special care clinic for the Labor Day weekend so people with medical problems don’t necessarily have to visit the emergency room. 64 more words


To hell with old school. Here's to fist bumps.

A strong handshake is almost twice as effective as a weak one in transferring bacteria such as E. coli from one person to another, according to a study conducted in the UK and reported in The New York Times. 53 more words


High Five: ALS Caretakers Take Ice Bucket Challenge

FORT SMITH (KFSM) – One group of caretakers is aware of just how important it is to find a cure for ALS since they help care for a man who has the disease. 62 more words


High Five: Volunteer Makes Video To Encourage Others To Volunteer

FORT SMITH (KFSM) – One volunteer loves volunteering so much that she made a video to encourage others to do the same.

OnlyInArk.com presented by First Security is the proud sponsor of High Five. 48 more words


The magical goal setting pyramid!

Today I read this ‘Goal Setting for Roller Derby’ blog post by Sandrine Rangeon. The article was great at breaking down how to set goals, what type of goals there are and how to organise your goals in time. 387 more words

High Five