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Vanilla's Sweet Soul Beats are the Sound of Your Early 20s

Vanilla is a new kind of famous. The unique sound of his sample-based instrumental hip-hop, often compared to J. Dilla, seems to connect with people on an intimate level and is heard throughout the world. 1,415 more words

High Life International (Polystar, 1985)

Steven promises Luke they, along with Danny, will move in together when the wedding is over. Meanwhile, Adam and Claudia look like they are meant for each other. 452 more words

High Life

The High Life?

“How can you live the high life if you don’t wear the high heels?”

This picture was posted to my Instagram 2 days ago. I stole this quote from a weekly newsletter my work sends. 99 more words

Vintage Red Hook: Dom Perignon Charters a Champagne Cruise to Brooklyn

It appeared to be a normal night in the remote waterside hamlet of Red Hook, Brooklyn—a slight chill came off the docks and swept through the desolate warehouses, and on the streets knotty wooden planks studded with rusty nails lay strewn on empty streets. 888 more words

High Life International 2 (Polystar, 1984)

The second High Life International compilation of 1984 is known as the “jeans edition”. I have added the number 2 to the title to differentiate it from… 420 more words

High Life

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