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Many Lives, Many Mistresses

They say cats have nine lives but I know this to be untrue for I’ve had so many more lives. In all but a few, where I perished before I was able to fulfil my true destiny, I have always been a witch’s familiar. 767 more words

Black Cat

Tarot and the Moon

In honor of the blood moon tonight (completing early this morning), I want to write a post about tarot, its correlation to astrology and some cards I think could be associated with this full moon (I’ll have another post about tarot and astrology that is mush more thorough). 526 more words



Dear Friends,

What does it mean to have your emotions turned upside down? I would say a break in the flow of emotions, or an inability to tap into your emotional side to seek guidance. 250 more words

Today's Tarot

Letter form The High Priestess

Good day my friend,

I hope you’re having a great day. I’m good, I’m doing the work the gods want me to do. Guarding the secrets and knowledge of the mother. 143 more words


High Priestess

I’ve never really given this card much though. Like a lot of other cards I am not drawn to it. So I set out to get to know her. 252 more words


Pithy Tarot meanings -- The High Priestess

The High Priestess:
Wisdom sees behind the illusion of duality.
For a more detailed explanation of this message, please read my blog post from a few years ago about a spiritual message from the High Priestess… 47 more words


Speak to me...

Where lies my purpose Priestess?

Shhhhhh… Be silent enough to hear…


So quietness I sought…

And bathed in moon glow

Into inky black sleep… 21 more words