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Freekeh (pronounced free-ka) is an ancient grain that is harvested and roasted when the wheat is young. This nutritious young green wheat contains a higher percentage of vitamins and minerals then mature wheat, it is low GI and high in protein, fibre, calcium, potassium, iron and zinc. 151 more words


6-Foods For Your Cravings:  

While experts agree that eating healthy meals and avoiding snacks during the day helps keep your weight in check, there are exceptions to the rule… 506 more words

Nutritional Science

Some Facts About High Protein Diets And Foods

People have been eating some high protein diets And foods for several reasons, among them we find that they may eat these diets to lose weight or they follow some diets that include a specified amount of protein. 435 more words

High Protein Foods

Want Muscles? Balance Your Protein

Most people know that adding a good source of protein at meal and snack times helps keep you fuller longer. Protein takes longer to breakdown in the stomach and helps stabilize blood sugars so the empty stomach feeling and hormones that signal hunger are delayed. 502 more words

Weight Loss

High protein meals under 100 calories

High protein meals under 100 calories or foods are very important and efficacious way to lose weight and build muscles and it does not effect n your diet. 425 more words

High Protein Foods

Cheap high protein foods without meat

As long as we are talking about protein foods, this time we got the chance to write about some cheap high protein foods without meat which you can eat on your daily basis. 521 more words

High Protein Foods

Delicious Egg Muffins

Egg Muffins!!! These are one of my all-time favorite & EASY meal-preps.

Spray a muffin/cupcake pan w/ non-stick spray.
Fill with ANYthing you want: ham & broccoli, chicken & carrots, spinach w/ feta & tomatoes, steak & bell peppers….whatever you have in the fridge. 80 more words