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*NEW PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT – Enlightened The Good-For-You Ice Cream*

*NEW PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT – Enlightened The Good-For-You Ice Cream*


I picked these up late last night at my local Sprouts and of course I had already blown all of my macros for the day so I was dying all night having to wait until today to try these! 200 more words

Low Calorie

Day Four

I will tell you about my day while enjoying a well deserved Gin and Diet Tonic.  No Carbs

I started the day with some eggs and bacon. 248 more words

Low Carb Woche

Starten wir mit diesem Pulver

Eiweiß-, Aminosäurenmischung : (98 %*** Wheatprotein (Weizenprotein), Wheatproteinisolat (Weizenproteinisolat), Sojaproteinisolat (Soyproteinisolat), Glutamicacid (L-Glutamin(säure))). Aroma, Vitamine: L- Ascorbinsäure, Nicotinsäureamid, Tocopherylacetat, Calcium-D-Pantothenat, Pyridoxinhydrochlorid, Ribofl avin, Thiaminmononitrat, Retinylacetat, Folsäure, Biotin, Cyanocobalamin, Farbstoff: Beta-Karotin, Süßstoffe: Saccharin-Natrium und Acesulfam also auch vegan ;-) … 92 more words

A Few of My Favorite Things

We all have our go-to’s, those items we can’t live without, those items we rave about to our friends and family…and may be a stranger or two.   706 more words

Clean, Lean, Blueberry Pancakes

This has become our weekend tradition – a breakfast that tastes so nice it must be naughty. Thoroughly disputing the myth that a ‘healthy version’ isn’t as good as the real deal, clean and lean blueberry pancakes are not only delicious, but packed full of protein and slow release carbs making them a perfect pre-gym meal. 316 more words


Raw Caramel Slice

I loved but never ate this, pre-vegan, because of its sinfulness. This version tastes even better, and is brimming with goodness.

* High Fat