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Carb-Free Chicken Salad Wraps

As anyone trying to eat less starchy simple carbs will know, being inventive with your meals is everything. Otherwise, things can get very boring, very quickly! 101 more words

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Day 93: Meat vs veg - my lightbulb moment

These days, you tell people that you eat meat and you may as well have said that you skin kittens in your spare time. In a world of vegan hipsters, meat is murder and using animal products is about the worst thing you can do after using plastic or not having a beard. 593 more words


Corn Bread Beef Cobbler

This is hands down my family’s favorite meal! I came up with this recipe after a conversation with my wonderful mother-in-law. She is English and an excellent cook, and we were talking about traditional English cooking when she told me about a savory cobbler made with meat and gravy topped with raw scones and then baked, similar to Sheppard’s Pie. 472 more words

High Protein

5 Things to Know About Quinoa


This week, a new food is appearing on Passover tables around the country. The Orthodox Union, the authority on kosher foods, recently ruled… 832 more words

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Chickpea and red lentil soup, with a touch of curry…

For reasons I’m not entirely certain of because, in hospital, my consultant was obsessed with the “fact” that I had colon cancer – I didn’t, as it turned out – to the exclusion of almost every other aspect of my condition, I’m supposed to have a high-protein diet. 1,399 more words

Layered Mexican Dip Lasagna

This recipe was inspired by a very fattening (and delicious!) seven layer Mexican dip that my friend Melanie makes for parties. It is so good but, as many good things, it’s not exactly low calorie or point friendly! 420 more words

High Protein

Easy, 5 Ingredient (Protein) Pancakes

These pancakes are almost too good to be true! They are high in protein, lower in carbs and fat, with no compromise in taste. Give them a try and you’ll never miss the old, high-cal pancakes!