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Rough Week and Scary Stuff

Well, Little Mac, you’re making Mommy and Daddy work for it this week. On Monday I had a lot of scary contractions and wound up in labor and delivery for testing and monitoring. 262 more words

Mommy's Thoughts

In the Genes: Knowing and identifying your risk for ovarian cancer

When I talk about my BRCA genetic mutation, I’m usually referencing the increased risk for breast cancer. While this is the biggest increased risk for BRCA carriers, it’s not the only one. 787 more words

The Methadone Stigma

As a young adult in recovery, one of the difficult choices that I’m occasionally led to face involves the nature of encouragement that I should be giving to others still struggling with active addiction. 2,355 more words


Australia raises terror alert level to 'high'

(CNN) – Australia has raised its terror alert level to “high” for the first time since the national alert system was introduced in 2003.

According to the four-level system, a reading of “high” means a terrorist attack “is likely,” however the country’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott said no specific threat had been made. 398 more words


Knee-deep in no evidence

I couldn’t help being drawn to an article this morning which claims the FCA have withdrawn their list of ‘high-risk countries’, which my last post commented on. 503 more words


Alice Eve Cohen’s memoir is honest, deeply moving, and at times humorous.  At age 44, Alice is happy with the way her life is going. Divorced, she has found Mr. 298 more words

Book Reviews

Walau Cacat Total, Tetap Berpenghasilan

Kalau bicara tentang kehidupan, tidak terlepas dari adanya resiko yang mungkin terjadi di sekeliling kita.

Resiko bisa kecil, bisa juga besar.
Resiko bisa kita hindari, bisa juga tidak. 162 more words