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Tips To Keep You Creating

Making a living from your creative work is exhilarating. Whether you’re a designer or artist, the thrill is the same. A client selects your design because it expresses their message clearly and precisely; it delivers the picture that is “worth 1000 words.” A buyer connects with your artistic expressions; he gets what you’re communicating. 136 more words

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Graphic Design - Illustrator Floor Plan

After learning some of the basics of Adobe Illustrator CS6, we have completed some Floor Plans Projects.  Students used their newly learned knowledge of Illustrator shape tools and color schemes to create a floor plan (actually these are more furniture layouts). 50 more words

Art 3 Honors - Cube Colored Pencil Samplers

The first project this year in 3rd year art is a colored pencil project on black paper.  In preparation for this project, students drew from a still life and applied transparent color pencil techniques in light layers.   113 more words

Art 1 - Marker Pointillism

Over the past couple of weeks we have been working on marker Pointillism projects… We studied Georges Seurat, optical blending and stipple techniques.  Here are the results! 48 more words

Coming Soon...

Here is a prieview of the single object still life paintings we have been working on in class these past two weeks. With only two more classes to finish them I’m getting excited to see our final results. 40 more words

Art Education

Youth@Bruce Talks

Students may sign up to attend the October 26, 2014 Youth@Bruce Talks “Explorer’s Journey“.  An afternoon of inspiration from accomplished explorers— whose discoveries impact our lives and shape the scope of understanding.   55 more words

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Mondrian Windows

I have large windows in my classroom. They let in a lot of light and go from my waist to the ceiling. So lucky! One thing I don’t have is a lot of space to hang work or decorate (I don’t know what to do with myself!). 100 more words

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