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Introducing My Teen Secrecy

Dear Starz,

Greetings, I’m Starry Knightly.  Let’s just begin to say, I’m not your stereotypical, 15 year old,  teenage girl.  When you think teenager, whats the first thing that comes to mind?  515 more words


High Heat by Carl Deuker

In the book High Heat, a young man by the name of Shane Hunter has it all. He is popular in school and has wealthy parents. 64 more words


A Personal Introduction

Moving into a new year, of course I have been forced to come up with resolutions and goals, but this time, I really feel like these matter. 1,169 more words

Cold Dish

Mallory was a sweet-toothed girl with curls of lavender and gray.
Calories from tarts and sweets, such a tumbly tummy ballerina.
Pink tutus and feathers of goose, draped around her wedge. 202 more words


A 22-Year Old’s Diary Entries From Late March, 1974

Wednesday, March 20, 1974

5 PM. I should be in Fuchs’ class now, struggling to keep awake during one of his boring lectures. But early in the day I made the decision to cut class – play hooky, if you will – I just wanted to have a small vacation. 3,974 more words


Omfg i really hate people sometimes! this morning i was in a good mood and i made a comment and someone said something and i just snapped like i was perfectly find and u mess it up im not guna say nothing like idgaf about ur opinion when it wasnt asked for so either say something i wana hear or stfu ur opinions invalid -,- like damn what even… 51 more words

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