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Omfg i really hate people sometimes! this morning i was in a good mood and i made a comment and someone said something and i just snapped like i was perfectly find and u mess it up im not guna say nothing like idgaf about ur opinion when it wasnt asked for so either say something i wana hear or stfu ur opinions invalid -,- like damn what even… 51 more words

High School

Night Hoops by, Carl Deuker

Night Hoops is a great book. It’s mainly about this boy named Nick who is a high school sophomore. Nick loves playing basketball. Only thing is that his older brother is bigger and better than Nick at the game of basketball. 80 more words


Perfect Guys.

November 16, 2014

Perfect guys don’t exist, I get that. What I don’t understand is that all though life as a child I heard that guys are the ones who will have problems with girls, that they are too clingy or obsess over the stupidest things. 144 more words

High School

Locked in Time

Nore, a young girl who just lost her mother, moves from the city to the country to be with her father and his new family. She has the gift of time, without having to wear a watch. 83 more words



November 11, 2014

Does anyone else ever get the feeling of no feeling? As though nothing matters yet the littlest thing will set you off with anger that you didn’t really realize that you had? 91 more words

High School

Pilot television series

This week I started filming new Australian pilot TV series Subject To Change playing the co-lead character, Karly.

Subject To Change is a high school drama that featuring same sex attracted lead characters. 197 more words


No Regrets

Birthday season is in full swing at our house with child number five turning 12 today!  And, while I’m totally focused on making his day special with favorite foods, no school, a Lego/Spiderman/Muppet cake, etc…., my mind is also partly elsewhere. 754 more words