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Next Steps for Your Quest

It’s been a week since you clicked the ‘status update’ button at noon (or whatever time according to your zone). The initial tide of exhilaration or disappointment has probably dampened, and once again you’re staring at your computer, digging up a thousand memories for some inspirational seeds as you plow through the Common App. 565 more words

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An Obsession with Food Gone Wrong?

So, I am a Horse Leader at a ranch in my town that provides equine therapy to children with autism, and while I’d love to tell you more about that, I’d like to fill y’all in on something that my fellow Horse Leader told me yesterday. 1,199 more words

High School Seniors

College Should Change Your View of Yourself

Before I get into how college has changed my view of the world I really want to stress to those who are Quest Finalists and are ranking schools that if you are you not 100% invested in attending any of the schools on your list then maybe you should rethink your rankings. 568 more words

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Dear QB: What's the deal with these supplemental essays? Do I need to write one for each college? How do I write a good one?

Congratulations – you’ve made it past the first round of the college admissions process! You probably spent countless hours on the QuestBridge application, and likely wrote numerous drafts of your essays. 829 more words

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Something for the Holidays !!!

Mom ,Dads..Grandparents !

Do you have a special young man or young lady,that hopefully will come home for the Holidays !! Regardless if they are going to University…College…Coming home from the Military !! 101 more words


What Do I Want to Do When I Grow Up?

Now you are in college and you, most likely, are (or over) 18 years of age. In many countries, you are already considered an adult and seem entitled to do whatever adults can do. 536 more words

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Jumping the Hurdle

It was 5:06 PM as I was scrolling through my browser, when I received an unexpected email from the QuestBridge team. My confusion was totally overtaken by nerves, as I immediately opened the message. 379 more words

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