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Safety Tip #6: Be self-aware. Beware of Black Outs Safety Tip #4: Be a Samaritan. Take care of friends

What does it mean when you “Black Out”?  Blacked out doesn’t mean passed out, although you eventually do.  It means you are walking around in “auto-pilot” – acting on instinct without an awareness of what’s going on around you.  271 more words

Women And Alcohol

Safety Tip #7: Catch 22 EtOH (til21) & Mj r illegal – 18 y.o.’s go to jAIL not juvie.

 REMEMBER, despite of everything the use of alcohol (till 21) and drugs is illegal and followed by the law!

  • arrest records are permanent

  • citations can get you expelled from school…

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Underaged Drinking

Safety Tip #8: Use Common Sense. Limo drivers are smart.

Limo drivers are smart – they participate in trainings, to keep YOU safe!

There is a Zero Tolerance for alcohol, tobacco and drugs with those Limousine companies trained. 143 more words

Underaged Drinking

Making Final Choices- April Newsletter

For high school Seniors, April is the month when final acceptance letters should arrive. This means that it’s a month of decisions as you evaluate financial aid packages, compare offers of admissions and possibly revisit your top choices. 94 more words

Safety Tip #9: Fashion Tip. Don’t Vomit on your Favorite Clothes

Yes you might or might have not seen your peers ending up laying in or being covered with their own vomit. Disgusting, right? Remember the last time you had thrown up and ask yourself: … 211 more words

Underaged Drinking

Safety Tip #10: BE SMART - Beware of Prom Gaming

“It’s a chilly evening in May, and a 17-year-old Kensington girl in a long, silver gown lies on the sidewalk along Rockville Pike, sobbing. “I just want to go to my senior prom”, she wails. 337 more words

Women And Alcohol

Kick off for the Better Safe Than Sorry – Alcohol and Unprotected Sex Don’t Mix! Campaign at the Winston Churchill High School in Montgomery County, Maryland

We launched the Better Safe Than Sorry Project with a kickoff today at Churchill High School. Our project aims to empower young adults to make informed decisions about alcohol and other drug use, including it’s consequences. 542 more words