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Eurobodalla beaches: Piccaninny Beach

I’m back on a beach with backstory, after visiting a few unfamiliar beaches. Pickos is the next beach north from Potato Point (Spud, of course): the names come from the familiarity of long proximity. 509 more words


5 Cities in 15 Days: Yep, that happened.

In September, my sister Laura and I took an amazing trip that ended up with us makingĀ a sort of box around the Baltic Sea. We decided where we wanted to go over one Skype conversation that involved a lot of zooming in on Google Maps of Europe. 295 more words

Random Hijinks

Wild weather

For the last two days there have been high winds and pelting rain. The creek has opened again. Today waves are still pounding in and the wind is driving back their peaks in a fountain of spray, a guarantee of an exhilarating beach walk. 10 more words


The Murder

It was the perfect crime
It too fair loads of time
A planning trip, could be no slip
To end her life, sublime

A lover, long lost years ago… 175 more words


Upcoming Regatta: Head of the Rock

The Head of the Rock Regatta is this weekend, October 12th. HOT Rock (Head of the) Rock regatta, will be my third regatta and my second away regatta. 30 more words

High Seas

High Seas of Malacca Straits

I realize in all my waterscape photos, there has never been a classic clean shot of just water and the sky so here comes one! 177 more words



Hello My darlings,

The Regatta and Prada has some new exciting updates! Regatta and Prada has new posts every Wednesday! There are a bevy of new posts coming up that I spent alot of time on and hopefully you will enjoy. 98 more words