Alternative Dubstep Orchestra rehearse 'Cockney Thug' @ Highbury Studio, Birmingham (short version)

Film by David Cawley (Blue Hippo Media) Alternative Dubstep Orchestra was conceived in November 2010 as an experimental collaborative project to showcase, un…
by Internet Archive Book Images… 13 more words

Novel About My Wife by Emily Perkins

‘It still amazed me that gentrification had crept this far, that you could get hot oil dribbled on your head in a scented room off Stokey Church Street’ 440 more words


Dull and dusted

Arsenal are a zombie club because they’re built in the image of their manager. And where once Arsene Wenger used to push boundaries and excite, now he just conforms to the predictability in so many ways, writes Ewan MacKenna… 1,010 more words

Anna Colquhoun: culinary anthropologist

Everyone on Islington Faces Blog has a story.  How do you learn to cook? One way might be to join a cooking class run by Highbury local Anna Colquhoun, a trained chef who teaches cooking and runs a supper club from her home close to Arsenal tube. 1,479 more words

Living In Islington

Review 6: Gallipoli

Gallipoli has three variations all on Upper Street. The Turkish restaurant offers mezzes, mains, and a jovial atmosphere. We visited the ‘Café/Bistro’, the first Gallipoli you come to as you walk north from Angel: Gallipoli Café Bistro, 102 Upper Street, London, N1 1QN, 020 7359 0630… 1,007 more words

Moving to the The Emirates – Are we any better off?

Since leaving Highbury in 2006 under the promise of becoming a European Super-club, it seems to me that the height of our expectations is to be also-rans. 507 more words


Arsene Wenger - Arsenals greatest

In 1996 an unknown Frenchman walked through the doors at Highbury and a news paper headline “Arsene who” summed up most Arsenal fans thoughts at the time. 198 more words