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New Year, New Me

Today I received some … unsolicited, but interesting … career advice. It was suggested that a good next step for me would be a position that I have always felt was “beneath” me. 144 more words

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"Deans for Impact": A Potential, "Teacher-prep Charter" Petri Dish?

Benjamin Riley has started a new organization called Deans for Impact. The goal is to streamline teacher preparation to produce ever-higher student test scores.  971 more words

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Who Do University Police Report To?

Most large schools of higher education employ their own school security personnel, who often take the place of local police officers on campuses and have similar responsibilities. 592 more words


How long will you be on help desk?

Three former students recently contacted me to update me on their careers.  There’s always a question before they leave college.  How long will I work help desk?   267 more words

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Tell me, Doc! "What do I have to do to learn this?"

One pedagogical bandwagon that I’ve been happy to board is the move to rethink assessment.How do we teach in such a way that evaluation is a means rather than an ends in the learning process? 138 more words


The Wicked Problem in Higher Education: Case studies

After looking at the wicked problem from the perspective of different stakeholders, this post will deal with a couple of examples of how universities could be organized differently. 1,322 more words

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Free College, With Caveats

Earlier this month, President Barack Obama announced his plans to provide all “hard working” students with two years of free community college. But such a grand promise comes with a great number of questions, questions that we just aren’t getting a lot of answers to at this point. 136 more words

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