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Should the government enable every kid to go to college?

If college is supposed to represent some sort of advanced or more demanding level of education, why has it become a national priority to send every kid to college?

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Financial Aid

Textbook Price Inflation

The Economist reports that textbook prices continues to climb several times the general rate of inflation:

But hope is not lost for poor scholars. Foreign editions are easy to find online and often cheaper—sometimes by over 90%.

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Interesting Markets

Interest in Ivy League schools continues to be strong

Despite a drop in applications at Dartmouth, Harvard and Columbia, overall interest in Ivy League schools continues to be strong.

The number of applications has risen steadily for over a decade (perhaps best shown HERE), so even small drops in applications won’t have a huge effect on admission rates at the Ivies.

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Higher Education Bubble

Review: The New School

This book comes too late for me. But it might be in time for my kids, and I plan to present my eldest with a copy soon, as she heads into her sophmore year of high school. 892 more words