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Many college students are clueless about their student loans.

The findings of a Brookings Institution study “suggest that a significant share of undergraduate students do not understand how much they are paying for college or how much debt they are taking on”. 128 more words

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The decline in college enrollment continues

College Enrollments Drop for 3rd Straight Year

Here’s a related trend.

Trend of sharp growth in high school graduates is ending.

The declining number of high school graduates coupled with a (possibly) recovering economy and soaring tuition point to falling college enrollment.

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The Good Old Boy and Modern Education

WARNING: This is a long bloody post.  Apologies in advance.  You were warned.

As a substitute teacher, I see many different types of students.  I teach (if you can call it teaching) in a county that’s pretty well split down the middle between an affluent west, along the coast of the Chesapeake Bay, and a poorer, rural east.  1,427 more words

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Almost every parent in the world wants college for their child

A survey asking parents in 15 countries revealed that 89% of them want their children to go to college.

Although parents around the world have different views on what a good education should provide at different stages, they are united in their high educational aspirations for their children, with nearly nine in 10 (89%) parents wanting their children to go to university.

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Reduce college dropout rates by only admitting qualified students

One way to lower the college dropout rate is by providing extensive remediation and financial aid to students who struggle to stay in college.   Another way is by restricting admission and financial aid to students who are prepared to handle the course work. 416 more words

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Federal aid programs allow colleges 'blithely to raise their tuitions'

New York Times economics pundit Eduardo Porter explains “Why Aid for College Is Missing the Mark”, allowing ‘colleges “blithely to raise their tuitions,” at little benefit to students’. 395 more words

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You probably need a college degree to get hired as a secretary.

Only college graduates need apply for secretarial jobs.

More than half of employers now require a college credential for all jobs, and nearly one-third now hire college graduates for jobs that previously went to high-school graduates, according to a 2013 CareerBuilder survey of 2,600 hiring managers.

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