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MoocMoocher: The blog for MOOOCHERS about MOOCs by Katy Jordan

Because e-learning is a field at the intersection of different disciplines, primarily educational research and computer science, I started studying online using MOOCs (Massive open online courses) to try to supplement my Educational Research training with selected computer science topics.

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Multilingual Writing Across Disciplines - an Interview with Anna Habib and Karyn Mallett - Part 1

In this series of interview questions from Mason WAC, Anna Habib, Assistant Director of Multilingual Composition, and Karyn Mallett, Associate Director of International Pathway and English Language Programs, offer some insights into their teaching practices and observations concerning multilingual composition. 10 more words

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If It Doesn't Challenge You It Wont Change You

So, for the past several months I have been pondering a difficult decision, one that I had to make up my mind about yesterday morning – effective immediately I am not graduating college until May 2016, which means I have been down graded to junior status. 468 more words

porecelin skin

Found myself at the counter with folks I would have run around with years ago. I become passionate and excited to talk about art and to slowly integrate the artist in myself that I so often deny. 245 more words

Self Love

Trailer: Institutions of Higher Indoctrination

Self-flaggelation and village idiots.

In full;

13 minutes in: “Our common enemy is capitalism.”

Fascism definition;

(sometimes initial capital letter) a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.

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Robert Sarvis goes back to college, says higher education needs to meet changing job demands

RICHMOND, Va. — Libertarian senatorial candidate Robert Sarvis wants to change the traditional model of higher education if elected on November 4. Sarvis said in an interview with VCU’s “iPadJournos” project that the trajectory for high school graduates in today’s diverse economy doesn’t have to be the typical four-year university degree. 7 more words


Notes from Thursday Keynote on Redesigning the University for the Whole Person #slate14

Apologies, as I was listening and forgot to take notes at the beginning of the presentation. This is more of a summary than detailed notes. The keynote was presented at the… 679 more words