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We Can Affirm That Race Matters—But Much Less Than It Used To

Now that the Supreme Court has decided that citizens, as well as judiciaries, have the right to decide against Affirmative Action policies — the import of the decision in favor of Proposition 2 in Michigan — we are hearing the usual cries that benighted people are rolling back good people’s quest to “take race into account.” This time, as usual, it’s Affirmative Action in college admissions that is at stake, and specifically the kind based on race and gender. 870 more words

Helping International Students Improve English Proficiency Outside the Language Classroom

As the recently released 2013 Open Doors Report on student mobility reveals, the number of international students attending US colleges reached a record high last year. 344 more words

Language Learning

FiveThirtyEight: More high school grads decide college isn't worth it


It’s not that the title is misleading, per se, it’s that it isn’t telling the complete story. If you go to the trendline graphic contained within the article, you’ll see a fairly jagged line with an upward trend. 214 more words

Sean Barrett and University Reform

Occasionally I post guest posts from friends. This is one, from Senator Sean Barrett on his recent universities bill.

Prof. Stephen Hedley of the UCC Law School has written the following comments on my bill, the Higher Education and Research (Consolidation and Improvement) Bill 2014. 5,219 more words


How to Choose the Right Online Course

When choosing the best online course for them, students need to consider several factors. Though cost is an important one, this guide explains that accreditation, the student’s learning style, and whether the subject is applicable to their life and/or career path. 28 more words

AERA2014 -- The Power of Education Research

Unfortunately, I do not have the time needed to write everything that I experienced and learned at AERA 2014 (end of the semester is here!) but I did wanted to share some quick highlights: 253 more words