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Good Questions: College Vs. University, Black Friday, & Pool Tables

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Every Friday, Heather Brown takes a look at some of the random Good Questions viewers have asked her recently. Here are this week’s short takes. 280 more words


Guest columnist offers response to Gov. Jindal's appearance, glaring omissions, doubletalk on Meet the Press last Sunday

By James D. Kirylo

Guest Columnist

Governor Jindal recently appeared on Meet the Press. The host Chuck Todd peppered the Governor with a variety of questions, asking why he didn’t expand Medicaid, being that it would be helpful for the 200,000 uninsured people in the state (although the number is likely more toward the 750,000 range). 794 more words

Governor's Office

University Teaching App: PhD, Check; 20+ Years Experience, Check; Published, Check; $37.50 an Hour? Cricket

About two months ago, I interviewed for an adjunct teaching position as head of a jazz guitar department at a university in the San Francisco Bay area. 473 more words

Music Education

"Ivory Tower" shows tuition problem is nationwide

By Marcus Jones

Everyone knows that New York University is a very expensive school to attend, but it’s important to note that our problem is just one part of a nationwide epidemic. 529 more words


When college is no longer college

Gabriel Muniz - Special to the Southern News 

In mid-19th century, in a burgeoning America, the beginning stages of public higher education, the famous land-grant college, was birthed.   703 more words



Educators seem to like to downplay the role of intelligence, albeit behind closed office doors or over a few drinks off campus. (Then, the venting begins.) It is very politically incorrect to say that some students don’t have the intelligence to accomplish certain goals, regardless of grit.  1,075 more words

LIU Post Celebrates Campus Sustainability Day

By: William Achnitz III, Campus Life Coordinator, LIU Post

October 22nd was Campus Sustainability Day, a day established in 2003 to reflect on the success of the sustainability movement in higher education. 365 more words