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a MOOC to charge for certificate

Chronicle of Higher education published an article today on Udacity’s decision to begin charging MOOC participants for the certificate of completion for their courses. This is an interesting move in ‘free’ education. 258 more words

Benefiting my Fitness

One benefit of working at a university is access to the university’s gym. Initially I did not think this was an amazing benefit (I know – I realize I’m the 1% of people who would actually think that) because let’s be serious I’m always craving chocolate and never craving to burn off the calories from my chocolate intake. 753 more words

Will universities go out of business?

Zero Hedge: “Death Spiral” – Harvard Professor Predicts Up To Half Of US Universities May Fail In 15 Years

Soaring student debt, competition from online programs and poor job prospects for graduates are shrinking the applicant pools for many universities and, as Bloomberg reports, the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities warns “there will clearly be some institutions that won’t make it…through these difficult steps.” Rather stunningly, Moody’s found that expenses are outpacing revenue at 60 percent of the schools it tracks even as many try to slash their way to balanced budgets,” and concluded “what we’re concerned about is the death spiral… this continuing downward momentum for some institutions.” As Harvard professor Clayton Christensen has warned, as many as half of the more than 4,000 universities and colleges in the U.S.

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Swizz Beats Is Headed To College: Guess Where!

Music producer and art enthusiast Swizz Beatz  announced via Instagram he was accepted into the President Management Program at the Harvard Business School!

He shared an email sent to him of his acceptance letter (above) with the caption: 77 more words

Entertainment News

Is My College Education Losing Value?

Today, I read several articles about the depreciation of a college diploma, claiming that high school education is just not enough in today’s job market. They cite reasons such as disintegration of the public school system, decreasing wages, 275 more words

Mobile + Social Media Journalism

The Write Stuff

I’m a slow writer and I need many drafts to create something that I feel is worthwhile.

This should not come as a surprise to anyone who has been following this blog for some time. 879 more words


Blank sheet

I’ve got one of these on my blogger as well. And don’t ask about Tumblr. I’m normally the kind of person that likes to finish what I’ve started but here I’m finding it difficult. 735 more words