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College Christians Strike Back

Do evangelical Protestants need to boycott pluralist universities? That’s the plan this morning from Joe Carter at the Acton Institute.  To those aware of the longer history of conservative Christianity and higher education, this sounds like déjà vu all over again. 642 more words

Higher (Power) Education

College Helps Christianity

Watch out, Christians!  Sending your kids to college may mean sending them to hell.  That has been the standard wisdom since the 1920s.  One sociologist now suggests… 538 more words

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Fundamentalist Parents Can’t Relax

Rich parents can relax.  At least according to an article in this week’s Economist.  But fundamentalist parents never can.  They have to worry about more than their kids’ careers.  765 more words


Does Anyone Actually Read the Index?

My eyeballs are beginning to chafe.  This week, I’m finishing up the index for my new book.  It’s a lot of work, even though I had a gifted grad student do most of the intellectual heavy lifting. 149 more words


Fundamentalist Colleges Have the Last Laugh

What are the best colleges in America?  A trenchant new argument by Ivy-League insider William Deresiewicz suggests that conservative religious folks may yet have their revenge when it comes to higher education. 543 more words

Higher (Power) Education