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6 Easy Steps for Higher Email Deliverability

Having great email deliverability means more than just having an extensive list. Emails to potential or current customers can be an excellent way to boost engagement, increase brand recognition, and promote website traffic. 7 more words

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Higher Unplugged: Episode 11- Behind the Scenes of Jeremy Jones’ Higher

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Ever wonder what it took to film Jeremy Jones’ Higher. In this episode of Higher Unplugged we travel behind the lens to learn the difficulties of filming in the world’s harshest landscapes. 69 more words


Thank Goodness Its Monday....10/20/14

Thank Goodness It’s Monday!

A quick thought for you to start your week.  You have probably heard the statement (or something similar to it) that goes like this, “Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are,”  Or maybe you heard it like this, “your friends will ultimately define you.”  While as teenagers and young adults we probably ignored that message, as we get older, we find more and more that these statements, at least the meaning and sentiments behind them are very true.   218 more words


Blessing for today ~ Trust your intuition

Blessing for today ~ Trust your intuition ~ The 4 Levels of Intuition: Recognizing the Voice of your Highest Wisdom


Blessing for today ~ Bridge Heaven and Earth

Blessing for today ~ Bridge Heaven and Earth ~
How to Bridge the Distance Between Heaven and Earth


12-Minute Higher Intensity Plyo Exercise

Workout equipment:

Workout sort: 12 minute
Timer setting: 18 x :10 x :30
1. Box jumps2. Pull ups3. Step ups4. Dive bomber push upsfive. Side lunges6. 29 more words

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27th Oct - Differentiation

Next time you’re in (the 27th) we’re going to be concentrating on Differentiation (chapter 6 in the textbook).  In order to be able to cope with Differentiation it is ESSENTIAL that you are confident in indices.   40 more words