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Top Ten List for Being a Better Faculty Member

Just when I thought I was done with orientation sessions at UNT… I attended my OWN “new faculty” orientation.

{UPDATE: For those who are not aware, I finished my PhD this summer, … 539 more words



Five Career Strategy Components Part 2

3. Planning for Professional Development

Have your supervisors ever asked you to complete a “PD plan”? If not, shame on them! 518 more words

Higher Education

On pleats and puffs: the trials of academic costume

This piece by Louise Byrne in the Times Higher Education supplement, dares to suggest that academic gowns don’t work so well for everyone. Specifically those without the broad shoulders and strategic buttons necessary to secure the hood, and even more specifically shorter people, say, those under 5’ 2”. 638 more words


If I were the type to rate colleges...

The question has arisen a few times now. “Tod, if you were at USED and absolutely had to build a ratings system college with current data, what would you do?’ 749 more words


In praise of the anomalies

“Hi, my name’s Tod, and I am an anomaly.”

I am not a Millennial, so I can’t really say that I am special, or that we are all special. 466 more words



I am easily amused. Especially when observing silly games of oneupmanship.

“My discipline is better than yours. It does real stuff.”

“No, my discipline is better – we use math.” 329 more words


What are you really paying for?

This morning I played chauffeur to the two crippled ladies in my life. My wife and my dog. My wife had foot and ankle surgery in May and today she got her cast replaced with a boot. 540 more words