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There are definite benefits to using Moodle, especially at the CEGEP level, where something called Lea is much more commonplace. Lea is great if all you’re going to do is post a single slide show every week, but you’re in trouble the moment you want to distribute more information. 1,109 more words

Demand for university threatened as tuition costs rise?

The grounds of Australian universities are filled to overflowing with students scurrying from class to class like crabs in shells of aspiration. The country’s top research universities, Melbourne, Sydney and Australian National University (ANU) are huge by world standards – typically enrolling 40,000 students, in comparison to American counterpart Stanford University with just under 16,000 filling their hallowed halls. 693 more words

Understanding Your Academic Friend: Job Market Edition

“If you and your spouse don’t like living 400 miles apart, why don’t you just get jobs at the same university?”

“You miss living near your mom?

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PhD Balance & Support: Life as a Doctoral Researcher and Higher Ed Professional

As part of my “Thanks-For-Supporting-My-PhD-Completion” and ways to motivate other doctoral researchers, Melissa and I decided to write an article for NACADA’s Academic Advising Today. This piece shared insights from… 726 more words


Introducing the @ACPA Digital Task Force: Project Planning

This year I am fortunate to be collaborating with an invested group of scholar-practitioners on the ACPA Digital Task Force to  examine how technology impacts and influences post-secondary education student development. 254 more words


If academia was a sport: the press conference

“So, you’ve fallen in the latest Shanghai Jiao Tong rankings, do you think that will effect your ability to recruit the top ATAR students next year?” 359 more words


5 Questions Posed by an Itinerant Professor to the Universe

Ok, I admit it. I’ve been bad and neglecting my blog. In my defense, I’ve moved schools yet again and my schedule has been up in the air. 896 more words