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Do You Want to Learn About Learning Analytics? #dalmooc

Last week, I attended the UTA LINK Lab talk presented by Dragan Gasevic (@dgasevic) on learning analytics and research. This discussion shared all the digital traces and learning that can be collected and measured in our various learning environments, and questions how we are best doing some of these analytics within our institutions. 520 more words


Liberal education-liberal arts are not in danger

Liberal education, the liberal arts, are the danger.

(In case you haven’t noticed, these posts originating on a late Friday night seem to get sillier.) 621 more words


The Bad Note

A lifetime ago, I wanted to be Emma Peel. Oh how I longed for her looks, her London lifestyle, stylish wardrobe, surreal adventures, and cool cat-suit; I envied the way the roads she drove around were always empty, and resented that my idol also had a PhD in physics (and, yeah, her relationship with Steed). 625 more words


My Fellow Americans, It’s Time to Boycott College

Let me tell you a tale. He’s a hardworking kind of guy, so he decided to forgo the customary process of sitting around his house complaining on Facebook that no employers are knocking on his door to compliment his pajamas and offer him six figures to do some Really Important Job. 8 more words

Defending the Liberal Arts

…don’t leave it to me.

I am the wrong person. I have a short temper and loud voice lacking gentleness, gentility, and any sense of gravitas. 711 more words


A university in America is saving their students thousands by putting free resources online

Ever heard of the University of Maryland? Well, in a minute you’re going to wish you went there. After a group of students there decided that spending an average $1,200 on textbooks every year was RIDICULOUS, they started a social media campaign to show how high prices were affecting students. 243 more words

To-do list

Mid-terms, choosing spring courses, projects at work, Halloween costumes…you’ve probably got a lot going on. Just know that our online advising team has you covered – seven days a week and weeknights until 9pm. 71 more words