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The break-up hasn’t happened yet. I’m still trying to find a way to tell my partner of the last five years that I don’t want to be with him anymore. 892 more words


Support Students Public Spaces

Why is it important?

Public spaces are equally open to everyone!

If we think back, the college setting allows students to explore their identities. It starts in college before entering the career world, where they learn to navigate adult responsibilities. 270 more words


The Beast that Shouted "Notice Me!" at the Heart of the Web

With apologies to Harlan Ellison. While the story “The Beast that Shouted Love at the Heart of the World” itself has not stuck with me over the years, the title certainly has, certainly not the same way that… 792 more words


TANSTAAFL - Obligations of Open Source

Earlier today I was part of Twitter discussion Barmak (@BarmakN) and Chuck (@ShorterPearson) about Heartbleed and the obligations of associated with open source applications.

I feel pretty strongly about this topic. 557 more words


“Counting Hungry Students is Hard.”

“I send my parents 50 dollars every month just so that they can manage to buy groceries, I have a 5 meal per week plan and I’m like REALLY REALLY hungry all the time.” ~ Student at George Mason University 

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The New 4 R's of Education: The Voicings of a Radical?

Dear Readers and Fellow Visionaries, Inventors, Engineers, & Revolutionaries,

Thank you for your comments on my most recent post, http://wp.me/p4cYuu-8t, Towards an Educational Philosophy|What is the Purpose of Education? 514 more words

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Fir trees, Orion, and the Meaning of My (Higher Ed) Life

J: “The Galaxy is on Orion’s Belt.

K: “The Galaxy is on Orion’s Belt” doesn’t make any sense.

J: Look, that’s what the little dude inside the big dude’s head said.”

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