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VIDEO: John Oliver nails student debt

As the federal government talks about fee deregulation, there’s fears that we’re moving towards an American system of education. Which, you know, has always worked great. 176 more words

A university in America is saving their students thousands by putting free resources online

Ever heard of the University of Maryland? Well, in a minute you’re going to wish you went there. After a group of students there decided that spending an average $1,200 on textbooks every year was RIDICULOUS, they started a social media campaign to show how high prices were affecting students. 243 more words

FSU Higher Education program won several awards at NASPA-FL conference


CONTACT: Kelli Gemmer
(850) 645-4637; kgemmer@fsu.edu

October 2014

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Our Higher Education program had an exceptional day representing Florida State University at the… 197 more words


Co-Tutor: collecting user feedback

Since my last post I have been collecting feedback and exploring the different approaches to Co-Tutor across campus here at Loughborough. Although I still have several departments and schools to get around, there is absolutely no doubt that system is highly appreciated at Loughborough, in most cases it is absolutely vital for the smooth running of the academic service to students. 136 more words

Saving money on textbooks 101

Hopefully enrolment was a success, and you that you got one of the limited places in that subject you’re dying to take! Unfortunately, if a textbook was written specifically for your class, chances are its price tag is going to reflect the fact that its only ever going to be in the hands of a few people. 649 more words

Choosing a Career Made Easy

In 1996, I passed my Senior Secondary Examinations and was at that juncture in my life where I had to make a career decision. Based on this decision alone I could chart out the way forward on enrolling for #HigherEducation. 331 more words

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