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Academic Advising as a Vocation

As I received my Bachelor’s degree in South Korea, I was not aware of higher education administration as a developed industry as it is in the U.S. 552 more words


10 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Graduate School

Choosing the right school and program is crucial to your academic future. Remember that everyone has different goals and needs. There can never be a fit for all best program and that’s why gathering information on both yourself and the programs are equally important. 992 more words


MP's - Can You Trust Any of Them?!

HEALTH WARNING – I don’t follow politics religiously, I occasionally watch Question Time

(I don’t watch much TV but Jordan has started making me watch Coronation Street…)

412 more words

Student Engagement & The Small Matter of the QAA...

With the new academic year just around the corner, the University of Bedfordshire is preparing itself for the upcoming QAA Review. This review, which looks at the quality of your learning at the institution, involves a written submission from both the University and the student body, followed swiftly by a visit from a group of QAA reviewers. 556 more words


The blog of a Vice President Education...

Hello! If you’re reading this you are probably:

1. Lost
2. Procrastinating
3. Genuinely interested in what I do (comment below if this is the case and I’ll add you to the Charlie Hughes fanboy club!) 255 more words

5 tips for families heading off to college

The placement tests are done. There are no more schools to research. The financial aid system has been conquered – at least until next year. For families of new college students, what remains this time of  year are the goodbyes and the hopes that these new students will flourish once out of the nest. 845 more words