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A Year of Sociology, Higher Ed and Blood-letting

My dear friend and collaborator Audrey Watters writes a massive end of year review on education and technology at her place, Hack Education.

I do not share Audrey’s stamina but I have dabbled in… 1,445 more words

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Budget blowout highlights risk of permanent deficits without major spending cuts

With today’s Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook expected to reveal a blowout in this year’s budget deficit from around $30 billion to $35-40 billion, the Commonwealth Government is right to be reviewing childcare benefits and the proposed paid parental leave scheme, as reported yesterday ( 157 more words


3 years!

Wow! Guys, it’s been three years since I started this blog! Since the content of this blog surrounds my personal life as well as how I am tackling graduate school I thought I should let you know how it is going. 229 more words


Who's your Daddy?

Who decided where you would go to college?

Did you? Did your parents? How about the government?

When the government steps in and takes on the role of parent, well, you can imagine. 75 more words


Dishonor Code: Rape, Reputation and Repercussion at U.Va

This is a guest post by Willa Hammitt Brown, a doctoral candidate at the University of Virginia, where she is finishing her dissertation, “Gentlemen of the Woods: Manhood, Myth and the American Lumberjack, 1860-1920″. 1,797 more words

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It would appear the problem largely stems from mishandling of complaints by Uni authorities. Surely, with such a strong framework as Title IX as well as direct involvement by the Obama administration vide the letter written to University administrations in 2011, there certainly isn't any credible reason for female students to continue experiencing inhospitable environment at Uni.

As noted in your texts, sexual harassment and assault does indeed create an environment hostile to women much as the vice in question constitutes a Title IX violation. In this age and time, it is so shameful that complaints by victims of sexual assault and harassment largely would be mishandled, leave alone being ignored. Such attitude certainly and inexplicably denies victims the right to natural justice much as it does lead to inconclusive judgment.

Obviously, the buck stops at Uni administrations, including BOGs. More needs to be done to change male chauvinism, compounded by retrogressive attitudes prevailing in our institutions of higher learning. Thank you, Willa Hammitt Brown, for such a great post.

Productivity Commission has scope to consider student visa rorts

One of my loyal readers often says to me that “Australians love a good rort”, and indeed there are several government policies and programs that allow rorting to various degrees. 180 more words


Day 129: Higher education can provide individuals with both economic and psychological value

During the recession, a lot of young adults saw their parents struggle with debt and being laid off. They saw family members or others in their community with bachelor’s degree not able to find work in their field of study. 411 more words

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