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From the Hood

For half of my life I lived in the hood. My family survived it and finally moved out of there when I was around 9 or 10. 761 more words

Life I Guess

Exponential Functions!

Mr. Bishara is tutoring Steph in Algebra II, Exponential Functions! 


Last year of high school (Things I've learned so far)

Wow, to think that I’ll be among the grad 2014 in just two months.

(Getting stressed just thinking about the exams…*cry*)

This will be my last year in high school and there’s a lot of things that… 826 more words


The truth is that in this world there will be people who just really don’t like you, whether they have a reason to or not. But here’s the thing… Does it really matter if people “hate” you? 305 more words


Family is something everyone has. But family is not based on blood. It’s not based on skin color. It’s not based on beliefs.

It is based on the experiences you share with a person or people. 443 more words



O what an exhausting kaleidoscope,

With its glaring variety;

The colours all mixing and transforming.

The reds of murderous rage,

Peaceful greens and joyous yellows, 54 more words

Study Hall Blues

“Hey did you see where __________ went?”
Me: no
“Hey do you know if _____________ has come into study hall yet?”
Me: no

Ever feel like you could be the last piece of chocolate on earth? 88 more words