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So I figured it out a little.


I don’t feel like I have the chance everyone else has. I haven’t been feeling up to par, and however many excuses I give, I don’t feel like they’re good enough. 328 more words

School and Shit

The reason why I identify with people who have been through many more years of life than I have is because they have the objective perspective I need to see to succeed. 768 more words

a little less "i" a little more "we"

I feel like most, if not all, the problems we teenagers deal with on a regular basis are because of selfishness. While we do have a ton going on, especially this time of year when papers are due, finals are coming up, college is just around the corner, and decisions no one is ready to make are banging on the door, we easily tend to think only of ourselves. 418 more words

In My Humble Opinion

Kalamazoo Students Transition from Paramount Charter Academy to Loy Norrix

Switching schools can be difficult for everyone, but it’s especially hard if you have never been to a public school before. Along with all the new people and teachers, you have to adjust to new classes, new rules, and usually a bigger school than your old one. 321 more words


Individual Desires

When asked to write down what they would like to take for a resolution this year, this was what a girl had come up with – ‘To think out of the box.’ 37 more words


Women v.s. Men

I think it’s safe to say that women have it easier in life. Well, beautiful women actually. Just keeping it real. Now you can argue that I’m sexist, which I’m pretty sure I’m not, or you can be a big boy/girl/something and hear me out. 881 more words

Life I Guess