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Why does it matter so much?

So today I got my midterms and they were half really bad half really good
(Not that you needed to know) and I really don’t understand why they are so important. 488 more words


FTA District Meeting

This year FTA (Future Teachers Of America) district meeting was held in Sturgeon yesterday, April 23rd. The FTA students had a very fun time getting there, they arrived at the middle school thinking it would be held there but really it was held at the highschool in Sturgeon. 125 more words


Teaching American Literature!

Miss Michele is covering American Literature with Mason, an 11th grader from ASD! Mason is working on a project relating to Gwendolyn Brooks, a Pulitzer prize winning African-American poet!


So I figured it out a little.


I don’t feel like I have the chance everyone else has. I haven’t been feeling up to par, and however many excuses I give, I don’t feel like they’re good enough. 328 more words

School and Shit

The reason why I identify with people who have been through many more years of life than I have is because they have the objective perspective I need to see to succeed. 768 more words