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Lets talk about this "new place"

    So, since we’re still talking about my earlier stages of high school, for this post we’ll stick to the topic of “freshman”. As a side note, all four of my years brought different emotions. 565 more words


Cause and Effect Chapter 5


“Want walk down to Murphy’s with me?” Ryan asks, standing in my doorway.

“Can we even get outside or is the whole world flooding?” … 1,142 more words


Visiting High School Again 2014

I went with a friend, who turned out to be a fellow Beckman high school student a year younger than I was, to pay a visit to my old high school again this year. 720 more words


The Dark.

Dear Little One,

A few months into my freshman year of high school, I made the softball team. I was over the moon excited. It was someone, right off the bat (pun intended) at a new school, telling me I was good enough. 1,018 more words


Never let boys get to you

One thing I’ve learnt through my years of high school is that the guys you like should never be all you think about.

There was this one guy I liked for a couple of years, but he never liked me back. 409 more words

Your Digest

One night, I saw a gaudy streak of light
My heart pounded clamorously.
I was beguiled by the glamorous sight,
I didn’t know you were to… 143 more words


My dreams were coming true

Its been quite a while since I’ve been on here (Last time was July 6th) and surprisingly my stats haven’t fallen below sea level.
I mean, 1-2 views a day isn’t that bad, right? 312 more words

Its Called: My Life