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The struggle of being 16 - Where do we draw the line?

We are considered too old to be at home playing games or going to the park and simply passing time, but we are too young to go out without parental permission, we still ask money and pretty much depend on our parents. 888 more words


I'm back, back again

Hey readers,

I’m back on this blog. I have not been able to publish anything since my first post due to school work and exams, but now that it is over I am back. 28 more words


Hijab & the Dress Devil

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

In all honesty, I want to ask you ladies, have you ever had that moment, where you looked at yourself in the mirror and said “I wish I could just go out without having to worry about wearing my hijab and covering so much of my body” ? 1,382 more words


Kimono lover

For the last few weeks the weather down here in Johannesburg has been heating up, it’s really hot you think about keeping yourself cool. The best part about this season is that you are able to get or find the best clothes. 48 more words

The Fashion Life

So casual 👌😘

Hey our Fashion budgeters😘!! Today was so cool literally! The weather was up and down and down and up lol😝😜 but oh well we still managed our personal photoshoot:roll:. 250 more words

**** I'm Twenty One

So I just 21 yesterday. Yaay! Not…

I always looked forward to this age- The TWENTIES! There was something really special about it; maybe it being the threshold of an independent life, stepping into adulthood and having the freedom of jumping into any new adventure. 554 more words


Gaya Magazine

Hey readers!!

Glad to report that I made front cover for Gaya Magazine’s October issue! The link is provided below and don’t forget to read my feature article “Hats for Hijabs” 36 more words