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Ferguson is a Nightmare

Read: Ferguson is a nightmare

Ferguson is a nightmare.

How do you escape a nightmare? You wake up.

The decision of the 12-person jury (9 white/3 black— in a town where the majority population is black) to not indict Darren Wilson was a statement. 803 more words

How Wearing a Veil Opened My Heart

by Jean Gendreau

No one forced me to do it. My Muslim father in law’s only comment was that the Q’uran clearly says that Christians, Jews and Muslims are brother and sister, so there was no need for me to convert. 904 more words


Outfit of the week

Inspired by the following blog http://www.hijabchicblog.com/ i thought of putting together hijabi outfits using clothing sold on indian online shopping stores.

Maxi skirts are one of the most hijab friendly outfits but unfortunately are not commonly seen on indian streets. 132 more words


The Prophets taught us how to talk to people not just what to say but how considerate we have to be when delivering a message because those words can soften peoples’ hearts.

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Muslims in Eau Claire face lingering prejudice and struggles

By Anis Filza Abdul Samad

Jennifer Templin was excited to move back to Eau Claire after being in Canada for 12 years. It is a place she called home, and after finishing her studies, she looks forward to spending time with her family. 1,859 more words

Two Drops- The Prologue

Bismillahir Rahamanir Raheem


I watched Mahmoud walk away from Molvi Umar and my heart lurched. Both were my heroes. One who confided in me about his beloved wife who made the greater sacrifice in letting him come here. 1,783 more words