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Real advice for women struggling with hijab

I wanted to sit down today and write a very honest post about what you can do to be more successful in wearing hijab, have more comfort, more enjoyment and just an overall better experience. 976 more words

Hijab Advice

Real Talk: "Just Watch Me" - The Idealist

“No matter what happens, you will not be as successful as someone else because of your scarf.”

This is not a new fact but it’s a quintessential part of my identity.

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Aku tidak mencoba menjadi lebih baik dari siapapun
Tapi aku sedang berusaha menjadi lebih baik dari diriku yang dulu 195 more words


Maggie Simpson Says "I Want My Hijab!"

In the spirit of religious tolerance and total non-violence, I offer this Photoshopped image intended to make you think:

I had buried this image in a… 547 more words

I Am Charlie

Model collage 1

Photographer : Fiska Erik Aditia
Talent : Iva Nalisa
Location : Hutan Karet Keling, Jepara, Indonesia
(C) Senjakala | Fotografi 2015


World [Hijab / Mawlid] Day

Not to spark controversy, but I found a recent comment by Mufti Ismail Menk particularly interesting. Switch ‘World Hijab Day’ for ‘Mawlid’ and see what happens. 534 more words

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My hijab My choice

This was something I wrote a while back and I thought I would share it here.

Having grown up in England I knew that there will always be people who would not know what hijab meant and many view it as oppression to women. 482 more words