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What Does Your Identity Even Mean?

I’ve been watching a Pakistani soap opera lately – as I’m wont to do – that’s been making me think. Specifically, the show’s title is what’s got me thinking: Shanakht. 287 more words

Walk with Me into a Traditional Muslim Home

We lift off our black veils and straighten our regular clothes, which are blue jeans and T-shirts. On the sofa a cousin nurses her baby under her shawl. 1,137 more words


Hijab Fridays: A Time of Peace During a Hectic Week

As-salamu alaikum everyone, and happy Friday! Alhamdulillah, I thought this week was going to go on forever. I am writing my Hijab Fridays post before I go to prayer today, because afterwards there will be a lot of things to do! 253 more words


How to protect your beautiful hair under hijab?

(Read this also in Arabic from Here)

It is a great feeling you get when other girls see your hair for the first time and express how different and more beautiful you look with your hair showing. 832 more words

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