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Colorful hijabs for fall and winter seasons - Hijab en couleur pendant l'hiver et l'automne - الوان الحجاب لفصل الخريف و الشتاء


Summer is almost finished, colorful and light hijabs were of good use, but, does it mean we can only wear them when it’s hot and sunny? 200 more words


Superstar of the Middle East, According to BBC

Syria! aka Asra (means ‘travel at night’)

Asra used to be kind of a…unknown country, then ALL OF A SUDDEN VIOLENCE MADE HER POPULAR!!!! 38 more words

Shattered Pangea


As Salamu Alekeim,

Most of the kids are already going to school because summer vacation is finshed or they are going to a new school. And a lot of teens do feel not confident to meet new people cause they may be shy or something, or they got bullied. 378 more words

Fashion and Modest

In today’s world we have no shortage of self-expression from all walks of life. With that said we can easily spot from a mile off those who have fashion running  through their bones. 160 more words

Comic Fashion

Where there is choice there is freedom

A Muslim woman who had worn the hijab for 10 years decided it was not for her and took it off. In the article below she shares her personal soul-searching journey in making this decision. 131 more words


Rice, Hijab's and Marriage Proposals

Okay, I’ve officially been in Amman for 10 days so I figure that’s enough time to write about a few things I’ve noticed here. I don’t really like to use to the word ‘culture shock’ because I haven’t necessarily been shocked by anything I’ve seen. 1,012 more words