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Hijab: Haute Hijab

Cardigan: Forever21

Blouse: Forever21

Neck Scarf: Forever21

Jeans: American Eagle (cheaper here)

Sandals: old (different here)



Eat Pray Love the essentials of life

Eat Pray Love the essentials of life

Bismillah Rahman Raheem..

For a wounded soul who wants to be better than yesterday…


A good meal starts from a happy grocery run- It is finding pleasure with the colours of the Capsicum, buying the spices in minimum quantity feeling you save up..

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Hijab Fridays: For Active Hijabis

As-salamu alaikum and happy Jummah everyone! I can’t go pray today, and my outfit is really nothing special, so I thought I would make a post about staying active while retaining your modesty. 438 more words


OOTD: Blue, Mustard, and A little bit of Fun!

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone’s had a good week so far!

It’s been so long since I’ve posted just an outfit of the day (ootd)!  I really liked how the sweater-hijab combination turned out so I definitely had to share! 234 more words

A night of sisterhood

I am so totally late with this blog! but I had to finish it. I am still excited about our #Sisterhood gathering. A team of wonderful muslimah’s decided we needed an event to happen to kick the new year off right! 293 more words

Why I Believe in Hijab

Many people, both Muslims and non-Muslim alike, have a hard time understanding the true meaning and significance of hijab. Because hijab has changed my belief system, my moral views, and my life in such a short period of time, I believe it to be an important subject to discuss. 1,535 more words