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Exuberant journey: life

Life is a journey of ups and downs

just like the roller coaster goes speeding down

Life has a rhythm of going pinnacle to pinnacle and… 173 more words


Thursday Morning Thoughts

Hello wonderful people of the interwebs! I’m currently sitting at school, half an hour away from my chem midterm. I’ve pretty much spent the last 5 days eating, sleeping and breathing chemistry and so I feel relatively prepared. 369 more words

Liebster award

Hi everyone,

I was tagged to do the liebster award by dear friend of mine so here we go :)

1) Why did you start this blog?  218 more words


Delicate Hijabi Tulle Maxi Skirts

I know a maxi skirt is an essential in every Hijabi’s wardrobe, but what about a tulle maxi skirt?! Delicate Hijabi sent us a couple of their tulle maxi skirts in two of their newest colors: grey and orchid lavender! 122 more words


Hijab The Indian Style !

Assalamualaikum everyone, this blog is for, as it is obvious, the Indian hijabis. I am an Indian and of course I wear hijab, I have been wanting  to start sharing my  experiences since really long, so here we go, Yay!! 532 more words


Create your own sunshine!

Good Morning!!

I really believe that people can create their own sunshine as in their own happiness. For example, I live in a country where there is pretty much no day light during autumn and winter, well it’s pretty much dark and grey 90% of the year haha. 225 more words


Expressions of Muslim Women Event

Finally a non-academics or stress-related post! After weeks of Saturday nights filled with homework, I finally managed to carve out time to go to an annual event that I have attended for the past 5 years. 26 more words