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The 22nd

(there’s nothing special about the 22nd, I just couldn’t think about a better title sorry)

It’s Wednesday and it’s starting to get cold. This is like a last call for anybody to wear skirts and dresses before it starts getting so cold your legs freeze over. 863 more words


Fall Fashion with Tim Leon

On Monday I had the privilege of working with a great photographer Tim Leon. He was really easy going, fun to work with and my friends and I really enjoyed our photo-shoot with him. 234 more words


Awkward Introductions And All that Jazz

so in reality if i was to be introduced to you id probably start off with a “HIIIIIIIIII ITS SO NICE TO MEET YOUU  so your name is?………ohhh great, well you can call me hijabi”…and all that jazz. 84 more words


Fuchsia Fun

Happy Monday!

Fuchsia is a great color, isn’t it. I don’t have much of it which makes me love it even more (economics suppy and demands apply here, yes) 598 more words


The Importance of Smiling at Strangers.

I’m currently listening to a ridiculously profound song when I should be doing chemistry and it is giving me all the feels. So instead of working on my chemistry presentation, I’m going to talk about smiling at strangers. 646 more words


Hi and Salam waaleykom lovelies!

Hope you all are doing well! I am doing very well alhamdulillah although I actually have the biggest travel fever ever!! 253 more words