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Difficult Hike: Tai Mo Shan, Hong Kong's Highest Peak (Maclehose trail Stage 8)

Distance: 10km (more or less, including walking to the starting point)

Duration: 5 hours

Difficulty: Very difficult, no idea why HK Walkers only gave this one just 2 stars for difficulty. 502 more words

Hong Kong

Day 6 - The Look

On my way north it happens that I meet hikers heading south on their way to the PCT kick-off at Lake Morena.

They’re all hikers that have completed the trail before, and it’s the first time I see The Look in real life so to say. 297 more words


Look Up

Yesterday I went for a hike with a friend.   She wanted to hike because there is an eagle’s nest in the heavily wooded park we go to on work nights to hike in.     280 more words

Life Chatter

Earth Day

This planet of ours is beautiful. Take a moment to appreciate it, take care of it and love it. Enjoy the outdoors and find awe in the amazing things that this world provides us with everyday…a place to live and grow.


Happy Earth Day!


It Bites and Poisons

I abruptly yanked my hand back when I accidentally touched the hot kettle. I quickly stuck my finger under the cold running water and smiled. Now, this might seem weird, I just burned my hand, and yet, I am smiling. 809 more words

Underground Railroad

Aside from getting my glasses repaired, one of yesterday’s highlights was staying at the Pine Grove Furnace Iron Master’s Hostel. The mostly restored 1820′s house is huge even by today’s standards. 129 more words

First Hike of the Season

I am so glad it is spring. Living in Park City after living on an island off the coast of SoCal and then Moab in the desert the  91 more words