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Our trails are in need of better etiquette

“Either they don’t know, don’t show, or don’t care about whats happening in the hood” – Dough, Boyz n the Hood.

Our winters in the mountains are awesome. 1,290 more words

Nancy Tanner

Puppy Time - a letter from Kathryn

I received a wonderful e-mail out of the blue from Mosey’s owner Kathryn. She said something that truly struck a cord with me, “Getting a dog is the easy part, building a foundation that sets your relationship up for success is an enormous task.”

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Nancy Tanner

Black & White Sunday

Click on the link above to join the Black & White Sunday blog hop, brought to you by Dachshund Nola & Sugar The Golden Retriever

Canine Adventure's Pony Pasture 5k

 Canine Adventure is hitting the trails of the city again this Sunday and this time its at  Pony Pasture. Strap up those hiking boots, grab your furry companion and head to  the river for some exercise and to meet some other Canine Adventure friends! 35 more words


Saturday Morning Hike--Pretty But Not So Relaxing

I was really excited to get out and do a hike.  There’s no doubt I have to get back into some semblance of “fit” before attempting the Tennessee hike, pIus the hubs was working at home today and there is no way in Hades he was going to get any work done with those two at home fighting all day, so hey, why don’t I take the fighting elsewhere?   1,086 more words

FitDog Friday--A Weekend Hike

The kids are out of school now so I need things to tire them out so they don’t drive me crazy.  I mentioned in another post about trying to get the 10 year old (definite indoor kid) out more.   285 more words

Fit Dog Friday

Fitness is very important.  Since I have had a few years of surgeries that have limited my activity, whenever I am released by my doctor for exercise, I’m all in!   203 more words