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Trash Can Falls - aka Laurel Creek Falls 2014

It’s been nearly 2 years since I wrote my first blog about Trash Can Falls. Since then, it has been my most viewed blog entry month after month. 543 more words


Park Dreaming

I want to write about parks. Seattle voters, you know we’ve got a big decision to make. But here’s the problem: there are these snapshots in my head that keep getting in the way. 637 more words

Adventure & Disaster in Peru - Day 6

Day 6:  The Wonders of Machu Picchu

“Fall out of bed and catch a fading star…fancy I woke up before my alarm.  Rubbed my mind through my eyes, it’s the best I can do…” 3,972 more words


“Devil in a Blue Dress”

This month I’m going to write about a movie I recently watched that I really liked.  “Devil in a Blue Dress” is based off a detective novel written by Walter Mosely.  215 more words

Caleb Slotnick

Mini Vacation : Joe's Crab Shack and Great Falls Park

Hey guys,

      Sorry for the lack of updates, I went on a short family vacation recently and didn’t have my macbook with me. So I went to visit my family in Maryland and they took me to some great places. 289 more words


Azores - best mistake ever

Lots of tourists, especially Gringo tourists, shopping centers, resorts, sky high prices and so on… That’s the kinda thing I was expecting from the Azores. What actually welcomed me were cows, flowers and sea gulls. 812 more words


What We Found at Snow Lake, or, Hiking with a Hobo Stick

On the last weekend in June, my fiance’, suggested that we go hiking at Snow Lake in the Cascades.  He showed me the picture below, so obviously I said yes. 719 more words

Eva Langston