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Tokai Nature Trail at Lake Sagami: Mount Arashi & Mount Sekirou

A few weeks ago, I went on a hike near Lake Sagami, west of Tokyo in Kanagawa Prefecture. I followed a section of the… 229 more words


The long weekend continues.

Raven Rock Shelter, AT NOBO mile 1055.6, Friday April 18, 2014 — My mind is beginning to obsess. It’s starting to be about the rocks and we’re not even in Rocksylvania yet. 314 more words

Hiking Socks

Given that Monster was a bit wild this morning, waking me up by shoving a Star Wars speeder bike in my nose, I decided that lest I run screaming naked through the streets hoping to be sent to an asylum or committing homicide, a busy outdoor adventure was necessary. 77 more words

[blog] Weekend Wandering: Bray to Greystones

Since I’ve been in Ireland there’s been a running list that my roommate and I have had in our minds of things we have to do before our time here is over.  419 more words


Hormoz - the island of the rainbow mountains (Iran)

It is only the giant wings of a pterodactyls that could cast a shadow over the rugged mountains of Hormoz and relieve them for a second from the searing sun of the Persian gulf. 1,401 more words