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Hicks Lake (Sasquatch Provincial Park) - Easter long weekend 2014

We decided to start our camping season as early as possible this year with the long weekend landing so close to my birthday. We had some extra money and got ourselves really set up for camping, purchasing a camp stove, kitchen stand, a plug-in cooler, a huge tarp to make a canopy from the van (aka Rose), a good quality axe and combo machete/saw, some extra weights and lures for fishing, and other accoutrements – I even bought myself a little pocket knife. 1,069 more words


Grazy Day on Zinal

While hiking down through Zinal Ski Area herds of cattle were lying about the pastures.


A to Z Challenge: T for The Trail

Back in the spring of 2002, I was desperately trying to think of something exciting to do – an adventure for myself and my teen age daughters. 543 more words

A To Z Challenge

Appalachian Trail Prep V: The Clothing We Will Live In

Yesterday I went over all of the gear we are starting the AT with and decided to break it up into two posts, mostly because of how long the post became with pictures. 572 more words


Out and about (Kajulu Hills, Kisumu, Kenya)

We had an impromptu hike day on earth day, the view up here is breathtaking!

The Sherpa Factor

As many have heard and seen there was an awful tragedy at the beginning of the 2014 Everest climbing season. Over a dozen Sherpa were killed and several badly wounded when a massive chunk of ice broke away and devastated the area between camps 1 and 2. 1,230 more words